Zor ka jhatka- List Of Forgotten TV Shows Of Famous Bollywood Celebs


There have been times when our famous Bollywood stars came back to the small screen, sometimes to host a show and sometimes to revive their acting career. Some of these shows were a success and made a remark but some of these shows went horribly bad and after that, they never returned back to the small screen. So today we bring you a list of TV shows that you must have forgotten about over these past years.

Here is a list of those forgotten TV shows of famous Bollywood celebrities that were not such a great success.

1. 10 Ka Dum

This show was hosted by Salman Khan for three seasons. The first episode was aired in the year 2008 and the last one in 2018. Basically in this show, the host gives a certain set of questions to the contestants who try to attempt it correctly, then after some rounds of this quiz, the winning participant wins the prize.

2. Zor Ka Jhatka – Total Wipeout

SRK may be the king of the silver screen, but his magic didn’t really work on the small screen. This show aired in the year 2010 and it required the celebrities to finish funny yet tough obstacles to clear the rounds and win the prize. The theme of this show was a failure and viewers didn’t like it much.

3. Kahin Na Kahin Koi Hai

Back in the year 2002 our very favorite actress Madhuri Dixit decided to come on the small screen with her new show. The concept of this show was about match-making and despite various attempts, this show just fell apart.

4. Malini Iyer

Sridevi once made her TV debut through her show “Malini Iyer”. This was supposed to be a comedy show which was produced by her husband only. The plot of this show revolved around a Tamil Brahmin girl who marries a Punjabi guy. This show failed to impress her fans and the audience.

5. Kya Masti Kya Dhoom

Before a decade, Sonali Bendre hosted this dance show which was a success back then. But this show didn’t get a good rating and eventually people forgot about it.

6. Karishma- The Miracles of Destiny

The Bollywood beauty, Karishma Kapoor made her debut on the small screen with this show. The story completely revolved around her and actors like Arbaaz Khan, Sanjay Kapoor, and Arshad Warsi were also a part of it. This show lasted for just 262 episodes due to a lack of fan following.

7. Hasna Mat

Kader Khan’s show “Hasna Mat” was full of humor and was funny indeed. He did quite some shows in the 90s but out of all this one failed on television.

8. Lift Kara De

On one hand, where Karan Johar did spectacular shows like Koffee with Karan, he also did shows like Lift Kara De. Though many celebrities came on his show “Lift Kar De” where they could speak to the common faces, this show failed to sustain itself and he had to shift his focus on his other show only.

9. Just Dance

Even Hrithik Roshan tried his luck on TV with his dance reality show in the year 2011. He judged this show but somehow the show did not create much buzz and was shut down.

10. Guinness Book Of World Records

When Preity Zinta’s career in Bollywood was sinking, she came with her new show to gain some popularity in 2011. Talents from all over India came in this show to break some records but somewhere this show only couldn’t break any record and did not run any further.

11. Deal Ya No Deal

R Madhavan back in 2005 hosted this reality game show in which the participants tried their luck in winning the cash prize. The viewers found this show confusing and so we couldn’t see more of it.

12. National Bingo Night

This show was based on the concept of an American game show and with Junior Bachchan being the host, the audience didn’t expect much from it and the show became a flop idea.

13. Rock-n-Roll Family

Rock-n Roll Family was a dance competition show hosted by Kajol, Ajay, and Tanuja. Various families participated in this show but the concept wasn’t fruitful for anyone and was stopped.

14. India’s Magic Star

Jackie Dada was also not so behind when everyone was trying to be famous on the small screen. He hosted this show where participants showed unbelievable magic tricks. The trick didn’t work out so well for Jackie Shroff himself.

15. Love 2 Hate U

Arjun Rampal did this unique TV show where people who hate celebrities were brought face to face with them. The audience couldn’t connect with this show and so it failed.

16. PokerFace

The 3 Idiot star Sharman Joshi did this quiz show in the year 2009. It was a knowledge-based quiz contest where the participants needed to bluff about their performance. The show got rather confusing afterward.

17. Chak De Bachche

Over the years we’ve seen Raveen Tandon judging many dance shows out of which was her show ‘Chak De Bachche’ in the year 2009. This was a dance show for the kids but the rating got so low that it had to shut down after one season.

18. Waar Parriwar

In 2008 Urmila Matondkar did host this reality singing show. In this show, families battled against each other to win but sadly this show couldn’t create a powerful impact.

19. Chak Dhoom Dhoom

Mallika Sherawat was once chosen to judge a dance reality show for kids. This show didn’t work out for her because of her tantrums and she was thrown out of this show.

20. Kam Ya Zyaada

Manoj Bajpayee returned back to TV screens with his crime-based show “Kam Ya Zyaada”. The contestant could win an amount of Rs. 30 million in this if they say either Kam or else Zyaada.


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