You’re a Digital Nomad…Where Do You Go Next?


A new tribe has emerged out of today’s digital age —digital nomads. Even when we’re in the most stimulating of jobs, the 9-5 can pretty soon start to drag us down, especially with the prevalence technology now has in our everyday workforce. The same routine, the same commute, the same faces every day. And when you consider that most of us are going to have to work on until we’re well into our sixties, and beyond, it’s a daunting prospect.

This is one of the reasons why these “digital nomads” have emerged in recent years. The so-called digital nomads have cut themselves free from the traditional way of working in a bid to experience more while striking a great work/life balance.

But, before you join them, there are quite a few things to consider.

How Can You “Free” Yourself?

When you decide to become a digital nomad, the word “nomad” is the one to focus on. It’s going to mean you’ll have to undo those ties to property, a regular income, and even some of your possessions. Things like leases on apartments and gym memberships often have notice periods – and so do jobs. So it’s a question of planning ahead.

You’re going to need to have a skill or two if you’re going to make it out there. But don’t worry, pretty much everyone has something they can market. If you can write then you’ll find plenty of openings for copy and content writers.

If you love photography you’ll be perfectly placed to capture amazing images on your travels. You can even teach English online and there are plenty of sites waiting to put you in touch with pupils.

Where Do You Go Next?

The next big question is whether it’s going to be Europe or Asia, South America or Australia. The world really is your oyster, but it will help if you know where you most want to head.

Bear in mind that western countries are going to be more expensive than places like Thailand or Bali. And with the digital world at your fingertips, there really is nothing holding you back.

Building Up Your Business In the Long-Run

Once you’ve dipped your toe in the waters of the digital nomadic lifestyle, it’s time to get serious. To make it sustainable, you’re going to have to build up your income and increase your network of contacts. There are plenty of networks and communities waiting to welcome you, so just dive in.

While there’s an initial buzz from the sudden sense of freedom, you will have to plan ahead if your adventure is going to be more than just an extended working holiday. It doesn’t have to be set in stone, but having an idea about where you want to be in two years’ time will certainly help you to get there.

So why not go for it? The world is getting smaller by the year, and the opportunities are growing almost daily. And, as someone once said, all you’ve got to lose are your chains.


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