Your Favorite Faces on News Show- list of highly paid anchors in India


In today’s technical world, we almost know and have access to every news from all around the globe just by sitting comfortably on our couch. It is worth a word that our Indian media is serving us with every little detail and we can just swipe through everything and be updated. All thanks to the growth and advancement in journalism.

It is true that television is becoming a big industry now and the expressive, talented, and spontaneous TV anchors make that even bigger. Being an anchor is not easy and not especially in this visual world, the job of these anchors is not just to deliver the news but to deliver it in such an expressive way that the viewers feel connected to it. No matter how tough the road gets, these journalists won’t step down and will just keep on adding perfection to their work.

So with that let’s get a look at the 2020s most impressive TV anchors who gained famed worldwide and are no less than any celebrity.

1. Shweta Singh

Anybody who may even have watched news once or twice will also be familiar with this face. Shweta Singh is one of the most competing personalities on the TV screen and she’s been working with Aaj Tak for a really long time. Before that, she worked with other big news agencies like Sahara, Zee News and Times Of India. From politics to sports, she knows how to commendably deliver the news. She is also one of the highest-paid news anchors as she bags around Rs. 80 lakhs to 1 crore yearly.

2. Nidhi Razdan

The 38-year-old talented TV news anchor from Kashmir, Nidhi Razdan is one big pack of energy. She’s the face of NDTV and is also working as a senior editor there. Professionally she began her career in the year 1999 with NDTV and now she’s in the core team. It is estimated that her income is Rs. 6.3 crores(approx). Lately, she created a buzz with Omar Abdulla’s news, who was a politician in Kashmir.

3. Ravish Kumar

After Nidhi Razdan, here comes another face of NDTV, Ravish Kumar. For years we’ve seen and praised his work. He is one of the most famous as well as the common faces of Indian TV. Currently, he’s the managing editor of NDTV and with that, he also hosts a weekday show on his channel, Prime Time. His estimated net worth is around Rs. 2 to 3 crores. He is the winner of the Ramon Magsaysay Award which holds a high prestige in journalism.

4. Anjana Om Kashyap

Only a few ladies have managed to make it big on such a vast network and Anjana Om Kashyap is surely one of them. This 41-year-old journalist has completed one decade on Indian news and is now one of the most popular faces of Aaj Tak. Previously she also worked with News 24, Star News, Zee News, and Doordarshan too. Moreover, she is well known for her debates which is why she got famous in the first place. With all this hard work, she earns approximately Rs. 1 crore annually.

5. Sudhir Chaudhary

This 45-year-old journalist is just a synonym of success. Sudhir Chaudhary’s media personality is not hidden from anyone and his work is so on point that he received awards like Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism which is one of a kind. He works as editor-in-chief in Zee News and bags Rs.3 crores per year. Besides that, he also hosts shows like Analysis on Zee News and Daily News.

6. Arnab Goswami

After the current criticism faced by Kunal Kamra on a flight, Arnab Goswami clearly came on the news headlines again. Known for his fierce debating standards and excellent work, Arnab is on top of the male TV anchor list. He is the majority owner of Republic TV and is also the president of the well known News Broadcasting Association’s governing board. He is also the author of the book “Combating Terrorism”. You’ll be shocked to know that he earns approximately Rs. 12 crores annually.

7. Sagarika Ghose

Sagarika Ghose is well known for both her beauty and brains. She started her journey as a journalist in the year 1991 and is now currently employed at The Time of India and works as a consulting journalist there. She also worked with agencies like CNN-IBN, The Indian Express, and Outlook. Her debating skills made her win many awards and was also titled as the best anchor by ITA. She has been a part of various controversial subjects and wrote two novels which were published in the year 2004. Her estimated annual income is said to be approx Rs. 2 crores.

8. Barkha Dutt

Barkha Dutt has been the strongest face of journalism for two decades and gained fame when no other could at her level. She worked with NDTV for almost 21 years and left it in the year 2017. Barkha Dutt rose to fame during the Kargil War of 1999. She is also the winner of Padma Shri, ITA award for best anchor, Star Guild award, Indian Telly award and many more. Her annual income stands to be around Rs. 3.5 crores per annum.

9. Rajdeep Sardesai

Well, if you guys are not aware then let’s aware you guys that he is also the husband of another person in this list, Sagarika Ghose. Rajdeep Sardesai also won Padma Shri and ITA awards for being the best anchor. Currently, he’s the host of India Today network and also a consulting editor there. He also worked with CNN-IBN, IBN-Lokmat, IBN7, and Global Broadcast News for several years. His net worth is about Rs. 10 crores approx.

10. Rajat Sharma

Probably the first-ever person in the field of journalism who got fame worldwide. Almost everyone knows Rajat Sharma and has seen his work for decades. He gained popularity over his show “Aap Ki Adalat” in which every popular face appeared once or maybe more than once. He was awarded Padma Bhushan for journalism. Now he’s is the editor-in-chief as well as the chairman of India TV. His annual income is approximately worth Rs. 3.60 crores annually.


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