You Should Check Out These TV Series To Update Your Watchlist in 2021

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Binge-watching your favorite TV series is the ultimate comfort that everyone deserves. Continuously gazing at screens and losing sleep over characters is a kind of rush that most series watchers experience.

The sudden plot twists could even be scarier than gamblers awaiting their bet results. However, some apps can get the lottery results quickly, yet the thrill of that pause is both exhilarating and apprehensive.

Now that we are done with comparisons, let’s get back to the topic of TV. Do you think you cannot find something Binge-worthy right now? If yes, then here’s a list of best TV series for you to add to your Watchlist.

Alice in Borderland

Just to state it in the beginning, it is a violent show. And should be ideally kept away from children and people with sensitive abilities. Alice in borderland is primarily a fantasy show that uses the concept of Alice in wonderland: a parallel world. This is what the plot of the show looks like:

  • The plot revolves around three friends who fall in the nerd category of their school.
  • They somehow get caught in trouble and are being chased by cops.
  • This chasing compels them to hide in a public restroom, and that’s where the real plot twist kicks in.
  • Those public restrooms seem to open a portal to a parallel universe.
  • That’s when they need to compete with each other to survive.
  • The competition involves a series of violent games that happen under brilliant cinematography and storyline.
  • Yet, if you cannot stand to watch dark fantasies, you can strike it out from the list.
  • But for others, it is your perfect zone out binge watch.
  • Fun fact: This show is slightly an adaptation of Manga.
  • Till date, there’s only one season on screen.

Big Mouth

If you are into some adult animated comedies like Family Guy, then Big Mouth is the show for you. Its worldwide popularity has got it renewed up to season four or season six.

  • This show recently dropped on Netflix yet seems to capture both critics’ and the audience’s hearts successfully.
  • The show revolves around a bunch of seventh grade New York kids who undergo the trials and tribulations of puberty.
  • Like a lottery, a player tries to get the lottery results quickly, the same way the children try to grow up fast.
  • However, their upcoming puberty haunts via hormone monsters.
  • These hormone monsters are a depiction of scary changes that an individual undergoes during its puberty.
  • If you are a teen, this snow can show you the valid reasons behind your body changes through some animated comedy.
  • However, if you are a grown-up, this show will bring back your teen years’ memories and kicking in puberty.
  • Additionally, this show is backed up by an impeccable cast of voice actors like
    • John Mulaney
    • Nick Kroll
    • Jenny Slate and others
  • It holds four seasons on Netflix.

Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek is a pure Canadian sitcom that went on to set records as the Best Comedy Series award 2020.

  • This show revolves around a wealthy family who loses all their money and is compelled to leave behind their luxuries.
  • With nowhere to go and absolutely no capital to rest upon, they are compelled to move to a town that they once bought back when they were rich.
  • That town was purchased as a joke, but the current scenarios push them to live in that joke.
  • The series balances comedy with lessons and heartwarming scenes that dictates to put emotions and family beyond money, something which this family did not know earlier.
  • Eugene Levy and Dany Levy outdid this show with a simple message, classic humor, and emotional scenes.
  • The sixth and final episode of this show has premiered on Netflix.
  • If you are into sitcoms, Schitt’s Creek is the perfect binge watch for you.


Ratched is yet another enthralling creation of Ryan Murphy, the creator of the famous show called American Horror Story.

  • The show is essentially a prequel to the famous show called ‘Flew over theCuckoo’s Nest.’
  • This show revolves around Ratched, played by Sarah Paulson, who blackmails everyone in order to stay at a psychiatric facility.
  • Just like American Horror Story, the characters here can display some edgy and violent streaks.
  • This show runs on a great cast of:
    • Sharon Stone
    • Vincent D’Onofrio
    • And Cynthia Nixon
  • The show was a massive hit on its immense success and is subsequently renewed for season 2.

The Good Place

The Good Place is a strong NBC comedy based on the afterlife. The show focuses on ethics, morals, and ways around life. Season 1 of the show introduced quite a handful of characters, but a big twist in season 2 changed the entire plotline.

  • Essentially the show runs around four characters: Eleanor, Chidi, Jason, and Tahani.
  • WhenEleanor Shellshtrop, a corrupt saleswoman, dies and ends up at a good place, regardless of her immoral life.
  • The mystery of why she was there is displayed to be a big mess up.
  • Any other word can give out spoilers. But remember, this show has more substance to it than just raw comedy.


All these shows are multi-time watch and definitely binge-worthy. So, get your snacks ready and watch out for any of the shows listed above.


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