Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Twists and 14th July Written Update: Bhautik and Tina Are the Twin Versions of Karthik and Naira, How Long Will Sita Believe the Lie?

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 14th July written update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai started off on this right note with fans getting all that they longed for through the lockdown. With a great opening scene of romance, YRKKH story shifted into the character buildup for Sita, who is supposed to bail out Karthik’s family amid the business crisis.

Naira creates a bad impression and just when Sita wishes to call off the loan deal, Naira lies to Sita about her twin sister, Tina who would’ve probably met Sita at the temple. Sita fails to believe in the first place but then she falls for Naira’s coverup. Karthik also acknowledges it while Karthik’s family is unsure about how to manage the situation

The ugly spat between Naira and Sita eases out as she manages to impress Sita with her gimmicks. Naira explains about how cultured she is and her sister is quite the opposite. Naira tries to justify her lie with the pictures of Lav and Kush and Naira manages to convince Sita but regrets for uttering lies inside her heart.

However, the most interesting section of the upcoming episode is the introduction of Karthik’s twin brother Bhautik and how he flirts with Tina in the living room as Sita and Karthik watch them.

The introduction of the modern and trendy version of Karthik (played by Mohsin Khan) has enthralled the fans and they can’t wait to see how the upcoming twist will play out.

Will Sita catch Karthik and Naira red handed or will she buy their lie and for how long?

Meanwhile the fans were overwhelmed about the new character inclusion, however, we have to wait and see as to how long this double role will last for Karthik and Naira.

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