Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 15th July 2020 – One of Preesha’s revelations shocks Rudraksh, in the meanwhile a mysterious lady in red saree drags Saransh away with her

Yeh Hai Chahatein written updates

The episode begins with Rudraksh and Preesha bantering as she calls him a coward. They then proceed to share details about each other with Preesha sharing that she loves horror movies. Rudraksh then says that it might be her reason for doing things like murder, Preesha asks him not to get personal. He agrees and tells her he is not good in math, she says no one is and they have to work on it. She also shares how her father was strict with her in studies and made sure she never missed a single class. Rudra reveals that his dad did not care about his studies and only wanted him to learn music, he also adds that he used to get beaten up a lot and he always felt like he was a pawn in his dad’s game only doing what his dad wanted him to do. Just then Sharada comes there gives them food and enquires how far they have come. They tell her that they have learnt 2 things about each other, she asks them to think about Saransh and make it quick.

Vasudha starts searching for the necklace and finds her necklace missing. She tries to call G.P.S but he does not answer. In the mean while she finds a receipt of 5 lakhs and wonders why G.P.S purchased jewelry of such huge amount. She calls the shop and learns that all her necklace has been pawned for 5 lakhs. The shop owner tells her that the jewelry is safe with them in their locker.

Preesha asks Rudraksh if he is still upset about his childhood, he replies no and she asks him to smile. He asks why and she says for spoiling my mood, he gives her a sarcastic smile and asks her to continue. She tells him that she did not call Yuvraaj to the function. He refuses to listen about the topic and she forces him to listen telling him that she had not called Yuvraaj there and does not know how the necklace given by mom got into his pocket. He says Yuvraaj might have taken it, to which she counters that she would have felt it. He then asks how did Yuvraaj get it she answers that she does not know and swears that she is not lying. Rudraksh asks her to give him sometime to process all this.

The jewelry shop owner calls Ahana and tells Vasudha had called to enquire about the necklace. He further informs her to send the necklace back as he would have to give it back to the Srinivasan’s’ if they come to him with 5 lakhs. She agrees, hangs up the phone and relishes in the success of her plan. Ahana tells Mishika about the phone call and also reveals how she got hold of Vasudha’s necklace. She says that she had asked the shop owner to send her all unique designs and the shop owner had sent her the picture of that necklace. She wanted to buy it but the owner refused saying that the necklace belongs to the Srinivasan’s and is pawned, following which she asked the shop owner to send the necklace for trial.

Preesha asks Rudraksh to reveal something about himself that he loves doing, he says he loves composing music. She then asks him to sing one of his compositions he refuses saying they are not good enough. Preesha says that should be judged by the listener and asks if he has ever sung his composition for anyone? Rudra gets nostalgic and tells her his brother used to listen to all of his composition and encourage him Preesha is about to share about her sister, Mahima but stops herself thinking if she tells about her sister, he might guess that Saransh is not her son.

Saransh gets bored of waiting in the room all day and goes out to see for himself what his mom and Rudra are up to. He sees the mysterious lady in red saree and tries to hide from her but she forcibly drags him away. Rudra and Preesha conclude their task when Preesha tells him there is something else he should know which is known only to her and Saransh. He says they already know five things there is no need but she insists saying if Saransh questions him about it everything they have done will be of no use as he will think that she has not shared anything. She closes the door and shows Rudra her belly piercing completely shocking him. He asks when did this happen, I thought you were a sanskari girl, she reveals that it was a dare in college so she had to do it. He then begins to tease her and tears the paper sighed by her saying if she reveals anything, he said he knows what to reveal. They go to look for Saransh and run into Sharada who reveals that Saransh is in her room.

Preesha and Rudraksh are shocked hearing this and argue with Sharada for not telling them. She says it was a lesson for them and she had promised Saransh not to say anything. They together go into the room but Saransh is not in the room. They look for him in the whole house but do not find him anywhere. Preesha starts panicking and calls for Saransh to come out saying she is starting to get angry.

The precap shows Balraj saying it is good that the kid is missing at least now the house will be peaceful, Rudraksh asks his father not to say such things. Balraj gets angry and raises his hand to hit Rudra. On the other hand, Sharada asks Rudra and Preesha as to who did not wish to see Saransh in the house? and answers herself saying it was Balraj.


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