Woman Rushed to Hospital after a S3X toy gets Stuck in her Bladder and it was still Vibrating –


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Making some desired fantasies come true is the most romantic thing . But what if some outsourced thing just ruin the expierence and the moment is fearful and shocking having severe consequences .

The incident which I am talikng about is very much relatable to the above statements .

It’s the case of Arizona , where a woman asserted that she wore her Vesper Vibrator Necklace . She went out wearing it , had dinner with her boyfriend and when she returned before using the toy together when they returned home.

She said they were using the vibrator, made by Crave, on the outside of her body as recommended when it suddenly disappeared.

I moved and out of nowhere I just felt a really sharp pain,” she said told KMOV4.

When she asked her boyfriend where the vibrator was, he said he didn’t know. 

First reaction was panic because I had just lost something inside of me that was still going off,” she told the publication. 

“Every time it went off it was like my entire abdomen was vibrating.”she further added.

The couple rushed to the emergency room, where staff conducted several pelvic exams but were still unable to find the toy. 

Dr Greg Marchand , the gynecologist , helped the couple to take the vibrator out and he was shocked to see that it was in her bladder.

He quoted that the toy had somehow gone through her urethra and had to be surgically removed.

The woman said she is now planning to sue Crave for not placing a warning on the Vesper’s packaging – and is staying away from sex toys.  

This incident was a shocking one indeed..



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