Who is Brianna Noble? Why is she trending on social media? Brianna Noble unknown facts

Brianna Noble facts

Brianna Noble is one of the most important protestor during the protest in Oakland, California. Her grand entry made her an overnight internet sensation. She entered the arena in her horse and this photo went viral. She arrived on her horse with a Black Lives Matter sign, in honor of George Floyd, the Minneapolis man whose death has led to protests across the country.

She decided to join the protest while watching the protestors number grow on news channels and arrived on her horse. This is what Brianna Noble had to say “It wasn’t a very planned thing, I was just pissed, sitting at home and seeing the video of George Floyd. I felt helpless and thought to myself: ‘I’m just another protester if I go down there alone, but no one can ignore a black woman sitting on top of a horse.”

Who is Brianna Noble, some interesting facts about her

  • Brianna Noble is a 25-year-old equestrian who made quite the entrance last week when she arrived to a protest in Oakland, California.
  • Brianna Noble want to become the first black woman to do horse jumping in olympics. This is what she had to say “I don’t want to be known for just walking down Broadway one time, I want to make a lasting impact in my community for black and brown people. When you’re black it doesn’t matter how loud you scream or how deep your words are, nobody would listen. So to now have found this amazing pedestal – my horse Dapper Dan to sit upon – and not have to say a word is amazing.”
  • Brianna Noble’s horse name is Dapper Dan. He is a 17-hand horse. He weighs about 1,800 pounds.

  • Brianna Noble fiancee is Adolfo Gutierrez and he is the one designing custom cutting boards.
  • Brianna Noble enjoys tea as much as she enjoys riding her horse

    Hello my name is Bri, and I’m a tea addict….

    Posted by Brianna Noble on Monday, 13 April 2020

  • Brianna Noble runs a small horseback riding center in Martinez, CA. She buys horses, trains them and offers horsemanship classes for children and adults.


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