Who Is Amanza Smith and What Is Amanza Smith’s Net Worth in 2020?


Amanza Smith is a familiar face who has managed to still remain unfamiliar to the public eye. Amanza is a real estate agent, interior designer, or planner of secret bachelorette parties. Amanza has been a model in the industry as well as dated quite a few Hollywood stars. She has a career that is phenomenal in growth and gained popularity due to one in the spotlight marriage. Amanza Smith sets foot into Selling Sunsets Season 2

Amanza Smith Age and Date of Birth

Amanza Smith’s was born on December 11th.

Amanza Smith Parents

Nothing is known about Amanza Smith’s family other than the fact that she was one of three children.

Amanza Smith Hometown

Amanza Smith originally hails from Vincennes, Indiana

Amanza Smith Relationship

Amanza Smith was married to retired NFL star Ralph Brown. Smith and Brown got hitched in July 2010. Post which they had two children together, Noah currently 10 and Braker currently 8. They filed for divorce soon after the birth of their children. The marriage was short lived. Since then Amanza has not been married. Currently Amanza is single.

Amanza Smith Instagram

Amanza Smith’s Instagram is the heart and soul of her vibrant personality. Her children are the center of her universe and she makes it very clear about the same. Amanza gives her followers an insight into her life with the numerous adventures she goes on. Amanza has quite a few famous followers some being Marlon Wayans, Van Jones, Taraji P Henson among others. Amanza has 17.8k followers on her Instagram.

Take a look at Amanza’s Instagram here:

Amanza Smith Net Worth

As of 2020, Amanza Smith’s net worth is of $1 million. She has made a career being a realtor as well as an interior designer. During this process she has played an integral role in the sale and designing of many extravagant properties.

Amanza Smith Height and Weight

Amanza Smith is slim and petite. She is extremely fit. Her eyes are a shade of brown and so is her hair. Her exact height and weight is unknown.

Amanza Smith Education

Amanza Smith has graduated from the Indiana State University with a degree in Interior Designing. Post that Amanza has also had a career as a cheerleader for the Indianapolis Colts.

Amanza Smith Unknown Facts

  • Amanza Smith has been a model for both print and digital media.
  • Amanza Smith recently worked as an interior designer and home stager for her design company, Kidterior.
  • Amanza Smith’s main goal in life is to bring up her children well and host her own television show.
  • Amanza Smith is the CEO of Amanza LLC
  • Amanza Smith is new to the show but she has a secure place despite being a novice. Amanza has been an integral part of Mary and Jason Oppenheim’s crew for a few years.
  • Amana Smith is one to take a stand for herself. She does not get swayed by the tide.
  • Amanza Smith has earlier dated actor Taye Diggs. Smith and Diggs made their relationship official with their red carpet debut in June 2014.
  • Amanza Smith has had a tough divorce. She worked hard without any child support from her ex-husband and raised her kids as a single mother.
  • Amanza Smith was a suitcase model on Deal or No Deal

Amanza Smith Brown Selling Sunsets Season 2



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