Where was ‘Cook with Comali’ Pugazh working before Vijay Tv? How did Santhanam surprise Pugazh

Pugazh Santhanam surprise

The popularity of ‘Cook with Comali’ has been booming in recent times. Pugazh has recently joined the list of actors who have gone from small screen to silver screen.

It has already been reported that he will be starring in Ajith’s Valimai and Thalapathi Vijay’s 65th movie.

Pugazh has worked as a driver in the early days. After that, he worked in a car wash shop. In this case, he bought his own car last week.

Pugazh said that this was the first car in his lineage and was elated to share this with his fans. Seeing that, his fans also praised his hard work and efforts. Praise was heaped on his story of hard work, which helped him to go from rags to riches.

Pugazh is currently acting in a film starring actor Santhanam. Santhanam has seen the car of Pugazh. Pugazh has released it as a video on his youtube channel. Pugazh even said that Santhanam drove the car at high speed. Santhanam, who has since invited Pugazh to his caravan, has gifted a silver Ganesha statue for his car dashboard. Pugazh is elated looking at this.


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