What is Diezmillo? Diezmillo Recipes and Types of Diezmillo

diezmillo steak

Diezmillo is an interesting Mexican dish. Celebrated every December 10, diezmillo is a traditional Mexican dish consisting of corn dough wrapped around fruit, cheese, and chili powder. The dish gets its name from the ten ingredients. It originated in Chiapas, Mexico and has spread throughout the country.Diezmillo steak is one of the most sought after steaks in the recent times for the modern palate.

Diezmillo is a traditional Mexican dish that consists of corn dough wrapped around fruit, cheese, and chili powder.

History of the dish

Diezmillo is a delicacy from Mexico, found primarily in the central parts of the country. This dish is made from a variety of ingredients, consisting mainly of corn, potatoes, tomatoes and lard. The mixture is placed in a round metal ring which has been lined with dough before placing it in an oven to cook for 30 minutes or so. The dish has been around for over 200 years and was made popular by the people of the state of Jalisco. Traditional diezmillo dishes are ordinarily cooked in a clay pot and with thatch or adobe ovens with banana leaves. This flavorful and hearty dish is perfect for colder winter months!

Diezmillo Recipes

As the 10th day of Christmas approaches, Diezmillo (or “10” in Spanish) is one of the most popular dishes consumed during the holiday season.

Diezmillo consists of various ingredients including broth, fish, olives, onions, garlic, tomatoes, cinnamon, oregano and yellow rice. It is typically cooked with squid ink (choca), but some recipes call for shrimp or octopus instead.Once cooked, this concoction can be served hot or cold as a snack or appetizer. At times, instead of being served in a bowl with toppings, they are sometimes eaten plain.

Bistec Diezmillo – What is Bistec Diezmillo?

A bistec diezmillo is beef stewed in tomato sauce with guajillo chilies and other spices. It comes topped with green salsa.

Chicharrón de Pollo Diezmillo – How To Make Chicharróns De Pollo Diezmillo?

Chicharron de Pollo Diezmillo is commonly known as Fried Chicken Dish in Mexican cuisine. It’s a traditional Mexican food prepared during Mexican holidays such as Día del Ríos. This recipe requires about five hours’ cooking time. And there are 3 steps:

First step is making chicken stock using fresh chicken meat and vegetable juices. Stock should have enough liquid so as not to burn the bottom layer of fried chicken pieces. You will need at least 1/2 cup of water per quart of chicken bone.

Pollo Diezmillo – What is Pollo Diezmillo?

Pollo Diezmillo A pollo diezmillo is chicken stewed in tomato sauce with guajillo chili peppers and other spices. This delicious Mexican recipe includes shredded chicken meat and several vegetables such as onion, garlic, carrot, potato, plantains potato, jalapeño and cilantro.

Diezmillo Steak Nutrition information

According to nutrition facts provided by NutriChef, a serving size amounts to 1/3 cup, weighing about 49 grams. Serving size per 100 calories amount to 57 mg sodium, 3 g carbohydrates, 8 g fat, 2 g proteins, 0 g fibers, and 5 g sugars.


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