Watch: Teesta Setalvad tutors Shaheen Bagh ‘protestors’ what questions to ask SC-appointed interlocutors


BJP IT cell head Amit Malviya today shared a video on Twitter wherein ‘activist’ Teesta Setalvad, who has been earlier accused of embezzling 2002 riot victims’ money, appears to be tutoring Shaheen Bagh ‘protestors’ on what questions to ask the Supreme Court appointed interlocutors.

In the 2-minutes long video, a lady can be heard reading out a list of questions the women could ask the interlocutors appointed by the Supreme Court to mediate and convince the Shaheen Bagh protestors to relocate to an alternative place. Teesta Setalvad could be spotted right behind her overseeing the tutoring.

The first question that would be put forth is whether the change in protest venue would weaken the protest. The lady in pink then explains that these are the questions they’ll put forward and they don’t need to answer them. Second question is who will take responsibility of safety of the women protestors. The third question would be what do the Shaheen Bagh ‘protestors’ have to say about the difficulties people are facing because of road blocked by them. Teesta then interjects and explains that the ‘difficulties’ here is like the difficulties related to traffic and other inconveniences. The fourth question would be whether opening half the road help. The next question would be if the elements of the Shaheen Bagh protests are changed, will it weaken the protests.

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Teesta then asks the ‘protestors’ if they are satisfied with the questions. The woman in pink then explains how one of them will sit with women in group of 25-30 and explain in detail. Later Teesta explains what exactly change in elements of protests means.

When questioned about Setalvad’s presence at Shaheen Bagh tutoring the ‘protestors’ as per Times Now, Shaheen Bagh spokesperson reportedly lied and claimed that this is an old video and has nothing to do with Supreme Court appointed interlocutors. Shockingly, Shoaib Jamei, denied on air that Setalvad was present at the venue on Tuesday.

He even went on to claim that Setalvad was not even in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh when it is extremely clear that she was there. Later, the organisers at Shaheen Bagh did accept that Setalvad was indeed present at venue last evening and was ‘discussing’ these questions.

Moreover, an image captured earlier yesterday also shows Setalvad entering the venue.

Setalvad’s controversial history

Teesta Setalvad’s troubles root from an alleged 1.4 crores funds embezzlement case against her and her husband. She had allegedly collected funds for the 2002 riot victims and instead used it for personal luxury and expenses. The allegations had come to light after one of the residents of the Gulbarg Housing Society filed a complaint against her alleging that she had embezzled funds collected for the 2002 riot victims through her NGOs Sabrang Trust and Citizens for Justice and Peace.

On Monday, a 2-Judge Bench of the Supreme Court comprising of Justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and KM Joseph directed senior advocates, Sadhana Ramachandran and Sanjay Hegde, to act as interlocutors and convince the Shaheen Bagh protestors to relocate to an alternative place. The order came at the backdrop of two petitions filed in the apex court, seeking clearance of Shaheen Bagh area and the Kalindi Kunj Road. It is notable here that lawyer Sanjay Hegde has been caught spreading fake news several times. After Twitter suspended his account, he had even stated that he will take Twitter to the international court.

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