Watch: Student says Rajasthan colleges got them to attend Rahul Gandhi’s Yuva Akrosh Rally by telling them they’re attending dance party


The ‘Yuva Akrosh’ rally organised by the Congress party at Albert Hall in Jaipur to relaunch Gandhi-scion Rahul Gandhi is now part of another controversy as students who were brought there have inadvertently revealed that the organisers brought them there by stating that it was a dance party.

In an video that has gone viral, a TV9 reporter asked few questions to the students rejoicing and dancing at the ‘Yuva Akrosh Rally’ as they waited for Rahul Gandhi to grace the venue. The rally was supposed to be Congress party’s protest against the so-called burning issues of the country.

In the video, it can be seen that the students are dancing to Bollywood tunes without even realising that the rally was organised to express anger against the Modi government. As the reporter approached one of the students, he asked why was she at the rally site?

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A clueless student replied that the college authorities had informed students that the event was a dance programme. Perhaps, the ‘clueless’ students who were dancing to peppy Bollywood numbers did not know that they were present at the rally organised by the Congress party.

It is important to note that the government colleges in Rajasthan, perhaps on the instructions of the Congress government, had earlier issued notices to students informing them that their classes are cancelled for the day as they are required to be present at Rahul Gandhi’s rally.

It seems that the colleges in the state facing pressure from the state government, tricked students to attend Rahul Gandhi’s rally by stating that they were attending a dance event. The Congress party realising that there will be no takers for the Congress party’s so-called ‘Yuva Akrosh’ rally has lured the innocent students to attend a rally by falsely claiming that the event was a dance party.

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After almost 7 months of sabbatical, senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi returned back to addressing a political rally in Jaipur, which was scheduled as a prelude to his yet another redemption. The Gandhi-scion, however, did not fail to impress his fans, as he yet again gave comic relief to his fans with his usual gaffes, baseless accusations and lies.

Addressing the youth of the country at the ‘Akrosh Rally’ in Jaipur, Rajasthan, the prince of goof-ups, merely two minutes into his power-packed speech, said, “Hindustan ka yuva berojgaari ke sapne dekhta hai”, which roughly translated as “The youth of the country dreams of unemployment”, while inadvertently also admitting that the Modi government is breaking the dreams of the youth.

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