Watch LeBron James’ Super Bowl Commercial For The New Electric Hummer


The Super Bowl will kickoff on Sunday night from Miami with the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs vying for the Lombardi Trophy. It’s also the biggest night of the year for various brands to launch new products or ad campaigns during the most watched sporting event.

The opportunity to get tens of millions of eyes on your product, coupled with the incredible trick brands have pulled to make people want to watch commercials during the Super Bowl, means they pull out all the stops to attract extra attention with who they hire to star in ads. There will be massive stars from movies, TV, music, and sports doing weird 30-second spots because, well, the check cleared and that Super Bowl money is very, very good.

Among those this year is LeBron James, who is the new ambassador and spokesman for GMC Hummer as they get set to launch the first ever 100 percent electric Hummer EV, with a spot highlighting how quiet and powerful the new Hummer will be.

I don’t know where they found a backboard from 1987 for LeBron to shatter, but it’s a reminder that once a season one basket in one NBA arena should be replaced with an old one at random so we can get the pure excitement that comes from a shattered backboard.

As for the actual product, an all-electric Hummer is actually very cool and the more electric vehicles we can get on the road, particularly that don’t fit the stereotype of an electric car, the better.


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