Warrior Nun Season 1 Review and Ending Explained


The Warrior Nun was an anticipated series that released on Netflix on July 2nd 2020. Viewers were eager to witness what a show with such a captivating title had to offer. It is said that The Warrior Nun is loosely based on a 90’s manga by Ben Dunn titled Warrior Nun Areala. The title is blasphemous and keeps you wide eyed.

The show has debutante Alba Baptista in the key role of a young abused woman who is given the opportunity to begin a fresh life once she is anointed with divine powers of an ancient relic to defeat evil firsthand.

The Warrior Nun Season 1 Review

The Warrior Nun doesn’t live up to the expectations that its title created. The story is about a young orphan Ava who was declared dead but during her funeral a chainmail of female fighters burst into the cathedral and perform a mystical surgery on their leader Shannon and remove a sacred metal ring from the back and insert it into the dead girl, Ava. Hardly do they realize that Ava wakes up and has newfound superpowers. Ava was earlier abused by the same Order but she doesn’t know what happened to her during the ritual.

Prior to her death, Ava was a quadriplegic. Her disability and newfound acceptance is what takes the plot ahead. She was always termed as an outsider and this plays as an inert voiceover. The use of a disability to push forward a narrative is unacceptable. The fact that they promote Ava being an outcast while handicapped and one worthy to be a part of the poplars’ when she isn’t doesn’t leave a good taste on the series. But Ava’s beauty reaches the ears of J.C. He takes her under his wing and she becomes more girly.

While Ava is digging her own grave, the Order of the Cruciform Sword is out on a witch hunt for their halo. These women argue within themselves who actually deserved to hold the halo. The Order finally reaches Ava and train her to control her superpowers. But Ava is reluctant to join them and operate as God’s chosen one. But after suitable advice from Father Vincent she accepts her destiny. Warrior nun is bleak on its plotline and doesn’t even give its actors much to work with. The subplot too is not approachable.

The Warrior Nun Season 1 Ending Explained

The Warrior Nun comprises of ten episodes that leads up to a finale that leaves us on a cliffhanger. Ava has finalizes come to terms with the workings of the order but before she could digest the happenings she has yet another battle to fight. The action building up to the finale has loose ends but the finale episode seems to cover up a lot of hidden secrets. There leaves a lot of scope for a second season as there are many aspects left unresolved.

Ava and the Order search for the tomb of the angel Adriel and fathom that if the bones of Adriel are destroyed it would stop the demons from invading Earth. But Ava is in for a shock when she realizes that Adriel is alive and for centuries has been trapped beneath Earth. But the twist is that Adriel is no longer an angel but a devil that stole the halo and escaped to hell along with it.

Ava might have been bestowed upon with superpowers but the series ends on a cliffhanger of Ava trying to fight Adriel. We will only know about her future and the Order of the Cruciform Sword in the next season.


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