Varun Dhawan Asked Deepika Padukone “Why You Are Always In A Night Suit?” And Got A Hilarious Reply


The pandemic of Coronavirus has led to countries being put under lockdown and currently, a few parts of India have also been locked-down for containment of Coronavirus. Today, the whole country is observing a 14 hour ‘Janta Curfew’.

People all around the country are advised to remain inside the house as much as possible and follow preventive measures to be followed by everyone to prevent themselves from the disease.

As everyone is spending time indoors during the lockdown, it has been interesting to see what our celebrities are upto. While many are doing creative things including painting, cooking, to many other creative things, Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has also been sharing interesting stuff on social media amidst the quarantine period.

After taking us through her wardrobe cleaning and self-care regime, the actress has now shared the third episode, where the actress is seen enjoying a glass of juice in one of the pictures and the other one shows her eating a fruit. Sharing the same her Instagram account, Deepika Padukone wrote:

Season 1:Episode 3
#drinkjuice #eatfruit
Productivity in the time of COVID-19!????”

Here, check out the Instagram post of Deepika Padukone:

The picture was soon flooded with comments from fans, who were all praises for the new episode of the actress on her YouTube channel. However, the comment that stole all the limelight, came from none other than Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan, who had an interesting question for the actress.

Asking about the outfit of the actress, Varun wrote:  ‘Why u always in a night suit?

To which the actress came up with an amazing reply to the comment of Varun Dhawan. He wrote:  “Coz then I can comfortably (snooze sign) anytime“.

Here, check out the comments:

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