Valeria Review: Breezy Chick Flick With Considerable Cliches!


Valeria was touted as the Spanish version of the ‘Sex and the City’. It looks like several ideas were indeed cloned into this much awaited Spanish tale revolving around the lives of its major cast. There is a lot of takeaways from Valeria and most of it renders life lessons on friendship, family and work life. If you’re an avid fan of the genre with several shows like ‘Sex and the City’ ticked off your bucket list, you will find similarities now and then with the flow of the story.

Valeria Plot Lines

A brief summary of the Valeria’s plot would mention that Valeria is a light on the heart storyline which revolves on the everyday lives of the cast in limelight. Though there are four women, the plot mainly revolves around Valeria, the aspiring yet struggling writer. Valeria’s popularity as a writer fades gradually and her husband (a photographer by profession) is not doing well either. To make ends meet, Valeria has to stall her quest to achieve her dreams and goals. At this point, Valeria’s three besties help her to enter a whole new arena for writing which makes Valeria spring back to her quest to achieve her dreams. Life is a rollercoaster and Valeria’s isn’t any different.

Valeria Review: Watch or Pass?

Lola and Carmen are the two major casts of Valeria. The women are extremely vibrant. Lola lives by the motto of ‘Live the life in the way you want it’ while Carmen is frequently mowed down by her quest for a better love life. The casting is pretty apt and the character lines are detailed and well thought of. Major highlights of the series revolves only around Valeria and her husband. Nerea, Carmen and Lola form the secondary subjects of the story.

Though the justification for rendering the book into a series cannot be quantified as yet, the show is here to stay. Valeria Season 2 is already making the buzz around the world of binge watchers. Valeria will be liked by audience with a liking towards feminist brashness.

In a nutshell, Valeria leaves us in the balance of a see-saw. It is not a must watch for the general audience. Valeria will give you several ‘I seen something like this’ moments. However, there is a touch of freshness which is still left with the way the story is told. Chick flick fans can add it to the top of their lists for Netflix shows released in May 2020. For those who are not a fan of modern women sagas, stay away.

Final Rating: 2.75/5.00

Imdb Rating: 6.0 (as of May 9th 2020)


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