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Vaadivasal Tamil movie starring Surya and directed by Vetrimaran is based on this novel, Vaadivasal plot and story below

Vaadivasal Surya movie

Following movies like Visaranai, Asuran Vetrimaran is adapting the novel Vaadivasal into a movie. Kalaipuli Thanu is producing the movie and the music will be composed by G V Prakash

Vetrimaran’s Directing Style

Auto Chandrakumar’s Lockup, Poomani’s Vekkai Director Vijayamaran is planning to film the novel Chellappa’s Vaadivasal into a movie. The announcement of Vaadivasal starring Surya was released in January. Fan made teasers and posters were released and was trending online. Surya is expected to act in a dual role in this movie. At this time when filming has been postponed due to the Coronavirus lockdown, a new fan made poster is going viral on social media.

Vaadivasal Surya Movie Plot Summary

A young man named Pichi comes to Vaadivasal with his brother in law Maraudan. His only goal is to suppress the Bull Kaari which killed his father Ambuli during bull fight. Kaaliyya who is a pure warrior, continues to recount his experience and sophisticated information about bulls to Pichi. Whenever Pichi sees the bull Kaari, he visualises his father’s blood in the bull’s horn.. The story is whether or not the Pitchi is able to suppress the bull Kaari. It is not yet known who will act as Marudan, Kaaliyya and Ambuli.

Vetrimaran Surya Alliance

Although the film is adapted from the novel, he has a different connection to the current politics of screenwriting. For example the flashback portion in Asuran was actually adapted from Sivasami’s murder which is a real life incident and was not in the novel. Based on the Vadivasal novel, Vetrimaran may take over the politics of selling fake bulls in the market, and there is speculation whether Vetrimaran may include Marina beach revolution in this movie.

Fan made Posters of Vaadivasal

When making the novel, Vetrimaran will change the way how the main character is potrayed. For example, Chidambaram is the most important character in the novel on which Asuran movie was based, but Vetrimaran changed the movie’s plot to give importance to Sivasami character. Similarly in Vaadivasal Pichi is the main characte but Vetrimaran is expected to write a deeper, beautiful screenplay that gives importance to Ambuli who is Pichi’s father.



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