UP man fined for driving car without wearing a helmet


Hamirpur (Uttar Pradesh): Yes this can happen to you also. The Uttar Pradesh Police have fined a man for driving a car without wearing a helmet!

The matter came to light after vehicle owner, Prashant Tiwari of Manna Gaon in Hamirpur district, received an e-challan on his mobile phone.

In the message, the RTO informed Tiwari that he had been fined Rs 500 for driving his four-wheeler, a Mahindra Bolero car, without a helmet November 30 last year.

Earlier, one Piyush Varshney had claimed that he had started wearing a helmet while driving his car after he was fined for not wearing one. This incident took place in Kanpur. He had received an e-challan of Rs 500 on August 27 for not wearing a helmet while driving his four-wheeler. In protest, he has started a black helmet every day while driving.

The traffic police in Uttar Pradesh have gone into overdrive after the new rules came into force following the amended Motor Vehicles Act.

Imagine something like this happening to you. Well there have been plenty of cases where driver and front seat riders have been fined for not wearing their seat belts. However, fine for not wearing a helmet while driving a car is something new to talk about. No one knows next what other cause the UP police will invent for imposing fines on vehicle owners.





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