Unknown Facts About Julius Dein’s Girlfriend Estelle Berglin: Who is the English Street Magician Dating?

Estelle Berglin instagram julius dein girlfriend

Popularly known for his performances as a magician and illusionist, Julius Dein is the talk of the town. Julius Dein possesses a Youtube channel with a whopping 800K+ subscribers. Julius Dein has a niche following his street magic tricks and illusionary activities using cards, water, knives and so on.

Julius Dein has a staggering following on Instagram and his recent post has created a lot of buzz and speculations about Julius Dein’s girlfriend. In the video, Julius Dein performs a water based illusion trick on his girlfriend and ends up pouring it on his girlfriend. After this video was posted, Julius Dein’s fans are interested to know who Julius Dein is dating right now.

Who Is Julius Dein’s Girlfriend?

Estelle Berglin is the girlfriend of Julius Dein. Julius Dein is dating Estelle for quite a while now. Estelle Berglin is a popular influencer cum fitness model who has a considerable following on Instagram and Youtube. Estelle Berglin is from Sweden.

Who is Estelle Berglin?

Estelle Berglin owns a channel called “Swealife” which has a lot of health and fitness related content. “Swealife” is directed towards Estelle’s English audience while another channel with her own name.

Apart from health and fitness targeted content, Estelle endorses several bikini brands on her Instagram account. Though she is not a professional model, Estelle has a thing for modeling. Other routine content includes makeup and skincare related posts, yoga and workout related content.

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Estelle Berglin’s age

Estelle is currently 23 years old and has taken up to social media to make a living after her high school graduation. Estelle Berglin’s date of birth is currently known.

Estelle Berglin’s Family

While specific details about her parents is unknown, Estelle Berglin has a brother named William Berglin who is seen in a few of her Youtube and Instagram videos.

Estelle Berglin’s Education

Though Estelle took up social media influencing before entering college, she has a degree in International Bartending from Phuket, Thailand.

Estelle Berglin’s Instagram and Youtube

Julius Dein’s girlfriend is popular face on Instagram and Youtube considering most of his Instagram content features her. Currently, Estelle Berglin’s Instagram followers are more than 200K while Youtube subscriptions on her channel “Swealife” is at around 75K.



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