Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder: A knockdown, a fightback, a heated corner and a rematch


Tyson Fury is motionless on the canvas as his wife shakes with fear, and a few feet away there is a fight about to break out in a ringside corner.

Commentators are screaming, pundits have forgotten how to sit down and 18,000 boxing fans are losing themselves in the seconds that separate glory and disaster.

Deontay Wilder is on the brink of a 12th-round stoppage win. It has been a step too far for Fury – or so it seemed.

Welcome to the chaos of the knockdown that stunned us all.

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‘I will kick you out’

In his changing room, moments after the December 2018 draw that led to Saturday’s Las Vegas rematch, Fury simply asks: “What round did I go down in, 12?”

That he cannot recall points to the parallel universe a fighter inhabits when in survival mode.

He had been down in the ninth too. But the way he was truly hammered to the canvas three rounds later more likely explains the horrified look on his wife’s face as he begins to strip for a shower. In the coming hours, she will ask him to retire. The night was too much to take.

I was staring directly at the soles of Fury’s boots and there was no movement. I’m in good company when I say I still don’t know how he got up

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