Two couples fall in love at Shaheen Bagh anti-CAA protests, get married


The anti-CAA protest which has been raging on for weeks in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh area has exposed itself to be deeply Islamic and anti-India and anti-Hindu in nature with posters like F*ck Hindutva that distorted the Om symbol to several slogans like ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and ‘Jinnah wali Azaadi’, that exposed the Islamist mobs’ deep-seated hatred for Hindus.

Amidst all this, two couples who have been a part of this anti-Hindu and anti-India protest have somehow taken out the time to fall in love with each other and are planning to get married.

According to reports, one of the couples named Junaid and Samar, both medical students, introduced themselves to each other in Shaheen Bagh during the ongoing protest and subsequently fell in love with each other. They reportedly tied the not on February 7 after the consent of their family members.

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Similarly, another couple, Zeeshan-Ayesha, who also met each other while protesting in Shaheen Bagh against the newly introduced Citizenship Amendment Law, are getting married today. Zeeshan and Ayesha’s family already knew each other, but the young couple never thought about marriage. During the Shaheen Bagh protest, the two reportedly got close and decided to marry each other.

It is heart-rending that these students who have been busy for all this while spreading hate against India and Hindus and the government by raising anti-India, anti-Hindu slogans like ‘Jinnah wali Azadi’ and displaying posters like F*ck Hindutva, and resorting to all sorts of violent means like mugging and heckling, assaulting those who even try and step into their marked territory, have at least got the time to find love for themselves.

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