Two assailants fire shots near anti-CAA protest in Jafrabad


On Friday, two bike-borne assailants fired shots in the air, roughly 400 metres from an anti-CAA protest in Delhi’s Jafrabad area. Reportedly, no individual had been harmed during the Jafrabad shooting. Several protestors alleged it to be an attempt to intimidate them.

An Anti-CAA protestor by the name of Nihal Ashraf alleged that two men fired three rounds in the air and escaped. “They were on a scooter without a number plate, unlike the Jamia incident in which the vehicle used by those who fired had a number plate. They two men fired after moving a few metres ahead of our protest site,” he claimed.

People had been protesting for close to a month in Jafrabad. When the Jafrabad shooting took place, the police immediately rushed to the scene. The police have claimed that the incident was unrelated to the Anti-CAA protests and rather a case of personal enmity.

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This is not the first time that such an incident came to light. On January 28, Mohammed Luqman, with alleged links to AAP, was seen brandishing a gun at Shaheen Bagh. A juvenile Gulshan (name changed) also open fired a pellet gun at an Islamist Anti-CAA protestor at Jamia Millia University on January 30. On February 1, an AAP member Kapil Gujjar fired three shots in the air at Shaheen Bagh and said, “Hamare desh me Kisi Aur ki nahi chalegi, bas Hinduon ki chalegi (Only the writ of Hindus shall run in India, no one else’s)”

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