Twitterati Are Trolling YouTuber Ashish Chanchalani For His Insulting Tweet On MS Dhoni


Ashish Chanchlani is one of the most popular YouTubers of India. He never fails to entertain his fans with his funny vines and sense of humor. However, one of his Tweets didn’t go down well with the Indian cricket fans who are now trolling him left, right, and center for the same.

MS Dhoni is considered as one of the greatest cricketers in the history of Indian cricket. He isn’t just the most successful wicket keeper-batsmen but also the most successful captain for an Indian cricket team. It was under his captaincy that the Indian cricket team reached many milestones and went on to become the number one cricket team in the world.

MS Dhoni’s contribution to Indian cricket has been huge. Besides his game, his cool personality and selfless nature have gained him a huge fan following. He surely deserves all the respect love and respect that the fans shower on him.

However, as per Ashish Chanchlani, MS Dhoni is the most ‘overrated’ player. Yes, the popular face on the social media Ashish Chanchlani has now deleted one of his tweets where he wrote his opinion for MS Dhoni after he was trolled brutally by the Indian fans.

Well, Ashish made the Tweet calling Dhoni the most ‘overrated’ player way back in 2013, however, the tweet has resurfaced and it was going viral until he deleted it. Ashish had tweeted:

@vinita_khanwani i cant stand face if dhoni,he is te most #overrated player!”

Here, check out his Tweet:


Here, check out how Twitterati are giving it back to the YouTuber:


  1. Guys wo 7 years pehle ka tweet tha! He was a kid at that time… Aap log Ashish chanchlani ki Instagram stories dekhiye… He never insulted MS DHONI… Don’t misjudge him…

  2. Stop this bullshit right now. You silly media have no manners at all. ASHISH posted this 7 years ago when he was just 18 years old and that too he didn’t mean it go watch his Instagram story. Foolish people who posted this article removed the date,time and they are showing as if Ashish has recently tweeted.

  3. People are just creating hills out of 7 year old mole holes. Its all done by a hater who wants to defame Ashish Chanchlani. Ashish himself is a public figure. He geneuinely didnt insult MS Dhoni,he is a lengend, but it was all done 7 years back that too jokingly as a hardcore fan and from a stupid kid mindset. Stop spreading hateness for both and go check out Ashish’s storyyy available on his social media accounts ……… ACT/COMMENT ONLY AFTER YOU KNOW THE ENTIRE THING…. And guys i dont see the date of post of Ashish’s tweet do you, i guess you must have thats why you are taking these steps and giving back comments. Please help us too because we arent getting the date of the tweet tweeted.. I REPEAT ITS A SEVEN YEARS BACK TWEET FROM A HARDCORE FAN OF MI THAT TOO JOKINGLYYYY……… STOP SPREADING FAKE NEWS INSTEAND LOVE AND SUPPORT BOTH….

  4. I would request everyone reading this article to please see Asish Chanchlani’s instagram story.Whatever rumours you are hearing about Asish insulting MS DHONI is totally fake. Asish wrote that tweet about calling MS DHONI overrated was because of the frustration that CSK lost to MI. So to clarify all of your doubt about this rumour,I would request you all to see sish Chanchalani’s instagram story.

  5. Guys stop behaving like uneducated people reacting to a rumour without checking you facts. Watch hos story on instagram. He is an amazing artist and a good hearted soul. Unambitious people cant digest the success of a hard working and talented person. Hence the rumours.


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