Twitterati Are Coming With Hilarious Memes After Air Quality Improves Because Of Lockdown


People all around the nation are asked to remain indoors because of the lockdown of 21 days, that was imposed by PM Narendra Modi in order to control the spread of Coronavirus. The Coronavirus situation in the country is grim and as left one and all in a state of fear and stress.

The tally graph of the Coronavirus infected people has been increasing rapidly and the situation has become vulnerable in the last few days. So far, in India, the total number of infected people has reached to 3,588, leading 99 deaths.

While the whole country is going through emotional and mental stress, there are a couple of positive news as well, that might bring a ray of hope to many people. Around 229 people have recovered from the disease in India.

Recently, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) revealed that the 21 days nationwide lockdown has resulted in significant improvement in air quality across the nation. As per a report, the major sectors contributing to air pollution are transport, industries, power plants, construction activities, biomass and refuse burning, road dust and residential activities, which have now come to a halt because of the Coronavirus scare. The improvement in air quality is clearly visible.

Meanwhile, social media is filled with pictures and videos of the environment, which clearly reflects how mother earth is healing herself during this lockdown period. Many creative minds on social media are coming up with hilarious tweets and posts related to the improved air quality.

Popular Twitter user ‘Trendulkar’ also took to his Twitter and shared a picture of Burj Khalifa. Trendulkar wrote how because of no pollution he can see Burj Khalifa from Noida. He wrote:

Because of no pollution, I can see Burj Khalifa from Noida today. Nature is healing.”

Here, check out the hilarious Tweet:

Besides this, there are many hilarious memes making rounds on Twitter. Here, check out some of the most hilarious ones:


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