Twitterari Are Trolling Kunal Kamra Through Parody Accounts After His Ban


Comedian Kunal Kamra created a stir on social media yesterday after he shared a video of himself confronting journalist Arnab Goswami onboard via his Twitter handle.

In the video, Kunal Kamra can be seen giving a monologue about Arnab Goswami’s ‘journalism’ on a flight, while Arnab has plugged his earphones and was trying his best to not respond Kunal Kamra. The video went viral in no time and soon Kunal Kamra was banned by the IndiGo Airlines.

IndiGo Airlines’ announcement of banning Kunal Kamra, was followed by a tweet from Mr. Hardeep Singh Puri where he “advised other airlines to impose similar restrictions” on Kunal Kamra. Soon many other domestic airlines joined the bandwagon of banning the comedian for barging into Arnab Goswami’s personal space.

Kunal Kamra did ethically wrong by barging the personal space of Arnab Goswami. But the way authorities dealt with the situation didn’t go down well with the Twitter users. Twitterati are now trolling Kunal Kamra by taking hilarious digs at his ban and banning him from several other things as well. In fact, Kunal Kamra himself took a hilarious dig by tweeting:

Soon Twitter saw many parody accounts ridiculing the trend of banning Kunal Kamra. Here, check out the hilarious Tweets posted by the parody accounts:

1. Here’s a Jet Airways’ parody account banning Mr. Kamra ‘until further notice.:

2. Kunal Kamra barging Arnab’s personal space seem to have hurt the tricycle association too. The parody account tweeted:

3. Even the Bus association seems to have taken a call on banning Kunal Kamra. They Tweeted:

4. The parody account of Uber India also banned Kunal Kamra until further notice:

5. Auto association also banned Kunal Kamra from traveling via auto:

6. The last and the best one, a bullock cart might also ban him! :

Following all these bans, Kunal Kamra had only one thing to say  “Modiji can I walk yaan uspe bhi baan hai…”


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