Twitter Users Need to Beware of a Fake Crypto “Endorsement” Involving President Trump • CryptoMode


In the cryptocurrency space, there have been numerous fake projects. It now seems some people are trying to utilize the clout of president Trump to advertise another project no one really asked for.

It is quite uncanny how people abuse social media and get away with it as well.

Another Fake Donald Trump Crypto Giveaway

On Twitter, there have been numerous incidents regarding fake crypto giveaways or even non-existing projects looking to scam users. 

This particular image goes to show how far some people are willing to go.

In the case of one Jeff Tiedrich, using the image of President Trump seems like a good idea to shill “DonaldCrypto”.

It is best to not even take a closer look at this project, as it will probably not be legitimate in the slightest. 

What is rather interesting is how the image was Photoshopped.

It is done in such a way that one might even think President Trump even shared the message himself. 

It is no secret that Trump dislikes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

However, even he has zero interest in creating a new cryptocurrency just for a “giveaway”. 

Given how many desperate people there are on social media these days, it seems likely to assume that some will fall for this scam regardless.


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