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Twitter Responds After Pune Police Tweeted A Savage Meme For A Man Breaking Traffic Rules


Over the last few months, Pune Police has gained a cult fan following on social media because of its on-point Twitter game. Right from their hilarious memes to witty replies, Pune Police never fail to go viral because of their wit and hilarious sense of humor.

On Tuesday, Pune Police was at it again as they won the hearts of netizens with a savage reply to a Twitter user.

The funny banter all started when a Twitter user shared a picture of a man driving a bike without a helmet. It wasn’t just the missing helmet on the man’s head but the fancy registration number plate of the bike that irked the Pune Police.

Well, the registration number plate had a crown sticker and ‘Khansaab’ written on it. Urging Pune Police to take necessary action against the bike owner, the Twitter user shared the details of him via his Tweet. He wrote:

“@CPPuneCity @PuneCityTraffic
Khansaab driving without helmate and with fancy number plate. Please take necessary action.

Here, check out the Tweet:

Pune Police acknowledged the tweet and came up with a savage reply, which is now going viral on Twitter. Trolling the bike user with the famous “aise kaise meme”, Pune Police wrote:

KHANSAAB ko cool bhi banana hai,
KHANSAAB ko hairstyle bhi dikhani hai,
KHANSAAB ko hero waali bike bhi chalani hai,
Par KHANSAAB ko traffic rules follow nahin karne.
Aise kaise chalega KHANSAAB?”

(Which roughly translates to: Khansaab wants to act cool, he wants to flaunt his hairstyle, he wants to ride a ‘hero’ bike also but at the same time he does not want to follow traffic rules. How will this work Khansaab.)

Here, check out the Tweet:

Pune Police’s savage reply left Twitterati in splits. Here, check out the amazing reactions of Twitterati on this:



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