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Twitter account of user who exposes bias of cartoonists through ‘corrected’ cartoons suspended


Account of Twitter user ‘“टीपूडा” whose username is @PR1CELES5 has been suspended by the micro-blogging site. Netizens took to Twitter to express their outrage at arbitrary suspension of @PR1CELES5 whose real name is Amol.

Last night he had yet again ‘corrected’ a cartoon of a biased cartoonist following which his account got suspended.

@PR1CELES5 cartoon from earlier this week

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Some of this other cartoons exposed bias of other cartoonists like Satish Acharya.

Ahead of Delhi elections, Acharya posted a cartoon which tried to imply that BJP is trying to make these elections about Kejriwal vs Pakistan. However, he seems to have conveniently forgotten that when India carried out surgical strike against Pakistan after the Uri attack, Kejriwal, along with other politicians, had questioned the strike and demanded proofs.

In January, Acharya drew a cartoon which showed that it was India which was bringing global economy down with moves like demonetisation. Amol showed how Satish, who through his cartoons shows that people voted for Modi because they are Islamophobic, is actually a Hinduphobic himself.

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This is not the first time Twitter has suspended accounts of people with right wing ideology and those who are Modi supporters. In fact, Twitter is also accused of trying to curtail voices of right wing supporters. Earlier, a Twitter user who makes hilarious spoofs of Rahul Gandhi had also got his account permanently suspended by Twitter which made people wonder if it was due to his political ideology.

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