Tron CEO: Bitcoin breaks $ 20,000 in 2025 and picks up other coins


Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of Tron (TRX), the 15th largest cryptocurrency per market capitalization, invests in a number of cryptos other than Bitcoin (BTC).

In a February 23 interview with CNN, CEO of Tron said he is a long-term believer in cryptocurrencies and has an interest in many altcoins, including the two largest coins after Bitcoin – Ether (ETH) and XRP.

When asked whether Sun has diversified its crypto portfolio, the CEO of Tron said:

“I also own a lot of XRP and Ethereum. I am a crypto long-term believer, so I want all crypto assets to succeed. So that’s why I own many other different cryptos. “

As a strong advocate of crypto, Sun is bullish about the price of cryptocurrencies and convinced that cryptos such as Bitcoin are the future of money. In the interview, the Tron CEO predicted that Bitcoin would exceed $ 100,000 in 2025, and emphasized that other cryptocurrencies would follow the trend.

Justin Sun’s $ 100,000 Bitcoin prediction in his own words:

“I absolutely believe that Bitcoin will pass $ 100K in 2025. I believe we can reach this price before 2025. At the same time, I think that many other crypto projects such as Tron, Ethereum and XRP will also see bull market.”

In keeping with his bullish attitude to crypto, Trons Justin Sun claimed in the interview that he is investing all his money in crypto. However, Sun still converts its crypto into fiat currencies such as the US dollar. In the interview, the CEO of Tron said that he would only withdraw crypto if he had to spend money in his daily life.

The news comes about a month after Sun had his charity lunch with Berkshire Hathaway president and famous Bitcoin critic Warren Buffett. On January 23, Tron CEO met Buffett to finally have a long-awaited lunch after he postponed the event for medical reasons earlier in 2019.

In the last interview, Tron CEO revealed that he was not really trying to convince the famous billionaire investor that crypto will increase enormously in the coming years. Instead, Justin Sun tried to explain a number of crypto potentials to Buffett because he wanted him to understand the basics of blockchain and crypto, such as direct crypto transactions.

Tron CEO also outlined that Buffett was “very open” to new technologies such as crypto and blockchain, and noted that the famous investor accepted Bitcoin and TRX from him. However, Buffett has claimed that he has no cryptocurrency and does not intend to invest in a crypto in February. 24 interview with CNBC. In the interview, the billionaire investor repeated his negative attitude toward crypto, arguing that cryptos have a “zero” value and produce nothing.

In another CNBC interview in 2018, Buffet predicted that crypto would come to a “bad end,” stating that Bitcoin is “probably rat poison squared.”

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