Trinity wallet solved vulnerability


IOTA Foundation released rag for his desktop wallet, Trinity also ensures that research into the loss of funds from the wallet is ongoing.

The IOTA network has remained closed for more than five days, while users continue to report stolen funds. The IOTA Foundation strongly advises against opening an old version of the wallet. To check the balance, you can only use the new patched version of Trinity.

“Your balances and transactions are downloaded at the entrance of the system. If your balance does not look good or if you have strange outgoing transactions, please contact our IOTA Foundation employee at Discord directly. Note: there are cheaters who act as IOTA Foundation employees on our Discord channel, “- the announcement says.

According to some estimates, the vulnerability could cause damage from $ 300,000 to $ 1.6 million. It does not apply to a mobile wallet, but users are still not advised to open the application until a new version appears. The exact nature of the vulnerability has not yet been established.


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