Top 5 Cryptocurrency exchanges in 2020 – What are the cryptocurrency exchanges that can be used in 2020

top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges 2020

Crypto sphere is becoming increasingly popular among all kinds of people. To speak plainly, cryptocurrency is an electronic currency, that exists on the Internet only and doesn’t have any physical form. You can not fake this kind of money, it is protected by cryptographic methods. Crypto is decentralized and is under no one’s control. Now it is hard to find someone who didn’t hear about Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency ever created. To date over 3,000 different kinds of them exist, and new ones are being launched constantly. You can purchase electronic currency for dollars on special exchanges and below you will find a detailed review of the top 5 best cryptocurrency exchanges.


Quickex would be perfect for both beginners and experts in the crypto industry. It operates since 2018 and in these two years it has won the respect and the trust of thousands of its loyal clients. The service is very convenient and easy to use, to make the swap you have to follow only three simple steps and it won’t take long — an average transaction time is about 12 minutes. This platform is non-custodial, so you and your funds are absolutely safe here. Over 57 cryptocurrencies are available for exchange and the fees are remarkably low. You are also able to track the market value of currencies right on the website.


On this swapping platform you can instantly exchange a large variety of electronic currencies  through a third-party service “Mercuryo”. The platform accepts credit cards, which is quite handy. It was also launched in 2018 and it managed to expand dramatically and become very popular in the community since then. This is another one non-custodial perfectly safe platform where you are in total control of your money. The website is available in many different languages.

3.Anycoin Direct

This service is on the market since 2013. It is very user-friendly and is a good choice for newcomers. The support team is here to help you 24/7 and it does its job very good. Anycoin Direct claims that its core values are: reliability, friendliness, transparency, passion. The service is quick and reliable, but you can’t really call its charges low.

This cryptocurrency swapping platform is fast and fully automated. A wide range of different tokens is available for exchange on the site. The service offers high limits and the best rate chosen by the system. The platform is distinguished by extremely friendly customer support, which stands ready to assist its users 24/7.


CoinCraddle is one of the best instant crypto exchangers. The team tells that they are improving the service every day to give its clients the best exchange experience. To use the exchange you don’t have to registrate — the platform is absolutely secure and user-friendly. Transaction time is short and rarely exceeds ten minutes. The exchange rate is not fixed and can change due to the actual rate fluctuating by the time money have been transferred to the platform.


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