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Top 10 Most Congested Cities In India


Traffic congestion is one of the biggest issues in almost every big city in the current era. On every urban road network-facing this problem which is going bigger in time. Though awareness has been created among the citizens and many actions have been taken.

Awareness like traveling on a bicycle, using public transport, taking carpooling asked by the Govt to the citizens of a few nations. Still, the population and the cash flow among the people keep increasing the traffic obstruction on city roads.

According to a location technology company TomTom, Bengaluru is the top city in terms of traffic contestation across the world. As per the TomTom traffic index, among 416 cities of 57 countries, Bengaluru is on the highest point of traffic congestion in the city by drivers of southern India spend 71 percent an average extra trip while stuck in traffic expectedly.

On a peak hour, a driver from Bengaluru spent 243 hours more which is 10 days three hours each year according to the statement.

As India is the second-largest country of the world, Traffic congestion issues faced by many big cities in this country including Bengaluru. Therefore, there are other Indian cities that also took place on the list of TomTom. Mumbaikar spend 209 hours extra on traffic; approx. 8 days 17 hours and is in fourth place on the traffic-congested city list with 65 percent congestion.

Pune is in fifth place with 59 percent congestion while drivers of this city spend 193 hours which is approx. 8 days 1 hour and in eighth position New Delhi has 56 percent traffic congestion where drivers of this city spent 190 hours that seven days and 22 hours for the congestion caused.


Here are the other cities of the world facing traffic congestion on high point according to TomTom index:

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