Top 10 Indian YouTube Channels Bases On Viewership


YouTube is the boon of virtual era. Channels of this platform are getting more and more popularity than the cable channels. Growing a YouTube channel will assure the reliable audience for the future. Personalized choice of music, movies and video contents are the heart of YouTube audiences.

Here are top 10 Indian YouTube Channel ranking based on viewership of the channels.

#10 Shemaroo: Exclusive entertainment content channel, Shemaroo has 20.8 Million Subscribers, over 10.8 Billion views with 7 K uploads.

#9 YRF: Movies and music-based channel Yash Raj Films has 27.3 Million subscribers, over 14.5 Billion views with 3.7 K uploads.

#8 Shemaroo Filmi Gaane: Film’s music channel got 31.6 Million subscribers, over 15 Billion views with 6.6 K uploads.

#7 Colors TV: Reality shows, serials-based channel Colors TV has 22.6 Million subscribers, over 16.5 Billion views with 35.6 K uploads.

#6 Wave Music: Channel of leading Bhojpuri music record label got 31 Million subscribers, over 20.8 Billion views with 17.5 K uploads.

#5 Sab TV: This comedy entertainment channel has 27.2 Million subscribers, over 22.6 Billion views with 22 K uploads.

#4 Zee Music Company: Film’s music-based channel Zee Music has 49.3 Million subscribers, over 23.1 Billion views with 4.5 K uploads.

#3 Zee TV: Pioneer of Hindi general entertainment channel has 40.3 Million subscribers, over 38.6 Billion views with 92.6 K uploads.

#2 SET India: Hindi general entertainment channel got 63.7 Million subscribers, over 47 Billion views with 35.3 K uploads.

#1 T-Series: Largest music label and movie studio channel T-Series has 126 Million subscribers, over 96.6 Billion views with 14.3 K uploads.


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