TNEB gives a press release stating Actor Prasanna has not paid his electricity bill and there is no mishandling of accounts

actor prasanna tneb issue

The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board has issued a lengthy explanation stating that actor Prasanna has not paid his Electricity Bill for the past few months. Also, his tweet is condemned. A few days ago, Prasanna, the leading actor of the Tamil film industry, posted on his Twitter post that the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board is involved in robbery. “How many of you feel that the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board is robbing us in the midst of this Covid curfew,” Prasanna said.

Following this tweet from Prasanna, many on the social network started posting that the bill was too much for our home. The Electricity Board has subsequently clarified the matter.

In addition, the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board has issued a separate statement explaining actor Prasanna’s tweet. In it they stated: “In Tamil Nadu, low-cost electricity consumers, including household appliances, are being surveyed every two months and the electricity bill is being charged.

Since the curfew has been announced due to the prevailing coronavirus, it is being asked to pay the amount paid by the electricians for the previous month without the power calculation being carried out in March and April due to the safety of the electricity consumers and the employee. The amount will be adjusted in the next month’s survey, the release said.

But with the increase in household electricity during the curfew period, the media coverage of the electricity survey is incorrect and the unit is not deducting the unit from the previous month’s charges. Actor Prasanna Eevariyam has made the false news that the curfew has been completed as an electrical survey.

Actor Prasanna is condemning the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board with harsh words as the survey is being carried out under the rules of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Authority.

There are two electrical connections in the house of Prasanna. Electrical Connection No.328-010-60 and 328-010-61. According to the calculation of this power line No. 328-010-60, he paid Rs. The previous month’s fee of Rs 13,528 / – was fixed due to the March curfew not being calculated. This fee has not yet been charged for electricity.

The total power consumption for the four months in May is calculated as 6920 units. The total cost of this 6920 unit is Rs.44,152 / -. But according to the press release, the 6920 unit is divided into two bi-monthly consumption based on a two-month power survey and a total of 3460 units, according to Tariff Salab.

The electricity charge for the 3460 unit is Rs.21,316 / -. The electricity charge for two 3460 units is Rs. 42,632 / -. After deducting the previous monthly fee of Rs. 13,528 / -, only Rs. However, the actor has to pay a total of Rs.

Once every two months, the calculation is being carried out in the usual practical survey method.

Therefore, when the electricity bill is calculated by the Electricity Board, the four-month power consumption is divided into two-month power consumption and the electric charge is calculated in the Bi-monthly Slab and the amount of electricity is paid after the previous month’s deductions. Without considering this, the news that the amount is only deducted from the previous month’s unit is false. If the public has any doubts about their computations, they can contact the concerned Divisional Secretariat and resolve their doubts. And the method of calculation is also available on the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board’s website


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