This Twitter user has been ‘correcting’ politically biased cartoons, and is killing it


Ever since Narendra Modi came to power, bulk of the journalists started showing their true colours and most sensible people now realise that there is nothing like truly neutral journalist. Most of them, if not everyone, have ideological affiliation and many are actively working to peddle a particular political agenda.

However, the same truth is not so obvious when it comes to ‘activists’ or ‘artists’ who continue to pretend as if they are driven by some quest for truth. Cartoonists too fancy themselves as being artists though they are closer to being like journalists, and thus bulk of their work reeks of bias. Many Twitter users have been pointing out such bias.

One such user is “टीपूडा” whose username is @PR1CELES5 who has “corrected” many cartoons, especially those made by cartoonist Satish Acharya, to show how the original cartoons were biased and presenting only one particular point of view.

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@PR1CELES5, whose real name is Amol, is not any professional cartoonist but his “pictorial rebuttals” have become very popular. The 24 years old from Maharashtra told OpIndia that he made these cartoons just for fun, but at the same time wanted to send a message too. He said that he will continue to make more such cartoons whenever he finds time amidst running his all transport business.

Here are some of the popular “corrected” cartoons by Amol along with the original ones:

This cartoon shared by Shashi Tharoor by one “Mansoor” continues to mix up Citizenship Amendment Act (not applicable to Indian citizens) and National Register for Citizens (NRC, applicable to everyone. However, the same is not even ready in draft formation, so all fears regarding same are unfounded).

Amol cleverly ‘corrected’ the cartoon and added a speech bubble where HM Shah is asking a citizen that despite explaining in detail, why are you asking same question, one can see that the ‘citizen’ is doing so because Shashi Tharoor is making him do so.

Another such cartoon corrected by Amol is by cartoonist Satish Acharya.

Acharya, in his cartoon, is implying that Delhi Police is watching while a violent mob shouting ‘goli maaro saalo ko’ slogans is marching ahead.

In the ‘corrected’ cartoon, Amol shows how Acharya was silently watching and not using his artwork when angry violent mob attacked police in Gujarat when anti-CAA protests went violent.

Another such cartoon Acharya made was following the release of Tanhaji and Chhapaak earlier this month.

While Ajay Devgn starrer Tanhaji broke box office records, Deepika Padukone’s Chhapaak, despite a badly misfired PR stunt, failed to make any impact on the box office. Acharya, through his cartoon, showed that while Tanhaji got the money, Chhapaak got the hearts.

Amol cleverly corrected Acharya and said that as much as the ‘liberals’ may hate to admit, Tanhaji won at the box office as well as over people’s hearts.

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