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This Girl From Nepal Has The Most Beautiful Handwriting In The World


Nepali Girl, Prakriti Malla has beautiful handwriting in the world. Her handwriting got the limelight after going viral on the social platform. Good handwriting is a pleasure to read always as we all have some more or less experience of battling with Doctor’s prescription.

Most people have spent hours after hours in their earlier school times to improve the handwriting skill. While some of them got beautiful handwriting, many struggles to write the letters in a decent manner. Some also face a hard time for their bad handwriting. Though, improving the handwriting quality is one of the focused areas by the students for ages. Beautiful handwriting is not only has a good impact on readers but also considers as an art form.

Prakriti Malla was in the eighth standard in 2017 while her handwriting got the attention from social media. Her handwriting considered as the most beautiful handwriting in the World. Her writing seems like an artistic font from the computer. Also, the fifteen years old (as of 2019) girl has introduced the next level of calligraphy by her talent. Her handwriting is so pleasing that it has chosen as the best handwriting in Nepal.

Facts about Prakriti Malla-

  1. Prakriti Malla won the title of ‘Penmanship Competition’ which is a beautiful handwriting competition by the Government of Nepal. The Nepal Government officially announced that Prakriti’s signature is the most beautiful signature of the country.
  2. Reportedly, the Nepali Girl prepared for two hours a day to practice beautiful handwriting.
  3. Netizens suggested converting Prakriti’s handwriting into a computerized font style.

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