These 9 Bollywood Actors who Don’t have Sound Relationship with their Family Members –


The family is where life begins and love never ends. We all love our family and share a lovable bond with our family members. But there are some people who share bad relations with them and celebrities are also no less in this category.

Here is a list of the celebrities who have had a quarrelsome relationship with their families.

1- Prateik and Raj Babbar

Prateik is the offspring of Raj with late actress Smita Patil. Patil passed away soon after giving birth to Prateik, and he was brought up by his maternal grandparents with little interference by his father. Raj Babbar had already been married with kids before Prateik’s birth and Prateik later revealed that he had a strained relationship with his father because he was “always busy with his other family”. They reconciled later, but things were never the same. To conclude, there was a time when Prateik dropped his last name.

2- Surveen Chawla and her parents

TV actress Surveen Chawla took a leap into Bollywood despite the opposition from her parents. Apparently, the ‘Hate Story’ actress was disowned by her parents after she decided on showing too much skin in her debut film! 

3- Ameesha Patel and her parents

Ameesha Patel has also had a troubled relationship with her parents. Apparently, Ameesha’s parents weren’t very happy about her entering Bollywood and wanted to get her married. After a lot of fights at home and a broken relationship, Ameesha made her debut in Bollywood! In 2004, she accused her father Amit Patel for swindling Rs 12 Crore from her. She sent a legal notice to her parents accusing them of mismanaging her accounts and squandering away money.

4- Aditya Narayan and Udit Narayan

Udit Narayan was accused of having an arranged marriage with a woman and abandoning her in Nepal. He then married his current wife without divorcing the other. This made a relationship quarrelsome between the father and son for some time. 

5- Rohit Shetty and Hriday Shetty

Apparently, ace director Rohit Shetty has major issues with his step-brother, Hriday Shetty. Apparently, Hriday, who is Rohit’s step-brother from his dad’s side, has openly disowned Rohit. He allegedly said that according to him, his dad had only two children, him and his brother Uday. Rohit Shetty believes that his father’s sons from his previous marriage don’t perturb his day-to-day activities.

6- Arshad Warsi and Anwar Hussain

He has never talked about his step-cousin Anwar Hussain after getting famous and maintains a distance from him. Anwar alleges that Arshad has turned a blind eye to his predicament. According to Anwar, Arshad doesn’t take his calls and is in no mood to help him either.

7- Amitabh Bachchan and Ajitabh Bachchan

The living legend doesn’t share a lovable bond with his real brother Ajitabh Bachchan. Actually, Ajitabh was to write a biography on his family, but Amitabh announced that he don’t want his life to be written in book.

8- Asha Bhosle and Lata Mangeshkar

There has always been a great rivalry between Asha Bhosle and her elder sister, Lata Mangeshkar in their careers. The two became completely against each other at a point, and according to Lata it was because Asha’s husband didn’t like her at all. Asha Bhosle said in an interview that, during difficult times, her elder sister did not helped.

9- The Deols

Another big Bollywood family that you probably didn’t know had problems are the Deols. Have you ever wondered why Bobby and Sunny Deol didn’t attend Esha Deol’s wedding? When the media asked Dharmendra about the absence of his sons at Esha’s wedding, he screamed at them and asked them to leave. They apparently didn’t make it to the wedding because their mother (Prakash Kaur) would have been hurt.



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