These 5 Funny Dresses of Rani Mukerji Proves that She Should Fire Her Designer Immediately –


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Rani Mukherjee needs no introduction when it comes to her popularity and firm acting .. She is a diva of Bollywood and proved to be bold and versatile at the same time . With her acting in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai , she became heartthrob of many . Also when we saw her No One Killed Jessica and Mardaani , she was just outstanding ..

But but but …..

When it comes to her style statement , her stylist doesn’t seems to prove much . Infact , she should have a look for the sort of outfits , her stylist selects for her and eventually, convince her to wear them.

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Today , we have brought to you some unusual pictures of her outfit that will blow your mind and you will think that , why hasn’t she fired him/her.

1. For Umang 2020 in a pantsuit

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The weird combination could have matched up well with something different below instead of those pants.There’s no innovation in this combination. Black blouse below, a necklace and golden pumps were the accessories of the night But this suit doesn’t befit on the actress.

2. For the Mardaani 2 promotion 

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The extra shiny Polo , is just too flashy .. The makeover copy of a cop meanwhile going for the promotion of the movie is just a bad choice ..Also, this is at HER OWN film promotion, shouldn’t the chic factor be slightly higher? And, of course, the glasses make an appearance!

3. Unusual Saree choice

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As far as the saree is concerned , it has a far better look but when we look at the blouse , it’s just outdated . These blouses are just too old to wear . Also Rani has the choice of glares or her stylist just suggest her for those biggies .. God Knows the truth … (hilarious)

4. That sweater from 1975 

From everything that came back from that decade, we really hoped it wouldn’t be this sweater. The patchwork is pretty off, the colour combination is pretty close to candy floss, and the bejwelled bag seems like a reject from the Barbie dress-up collection! We love you Rani, but what are you upto?

5. Another one 

We get that the message is meant to be noble but why would Rani agree to this aesthetic? The giant sunglasses almost make it hard to even look past them and the bag from a previous look kinda blocks everything anyway! 



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