These 20 Couples Proves Time Fades away Everything Except True Love –


Love is the only source which binds a couple apart from their fall for the looks and those happy moments . Lucky are those couples , who live a long life together and just recreate those moments with their loving compassion with each other .

Today, let’s see some of the pictures , which will make your heart goes boom and filled with love :

1. Same bike , same place ,Same love.

2. 60 years later, her eyes are still so full of love.

3. It’s their 70th marriage anniversary but their love is as young as ever!

4. “A couple at Woodstock 48 hours after they met and 50 years later”

5. You’re never too old to learn something new together.

6. “I want a love like this, please.”

7. More than 26 years later, he still looks at her the same way.

8. “50 years later they’re still absolutely smitten with each other.”

9. Together in joy and sadness forever…

10. This grandma’s expression is priceless.

11. Some things never change!

12. 30 years have passed but their relationship is as strong as ever.

13. “My great-great-grandparents on their wedding day (1867) and 50 years later (1917)”

14. The cutest bee and beekeeper ever!

15. “My grandparents are relationship goals.”

16. “My parents went to Hawaii on their honeymoon 30 years ago. They went back this year and recreated this photo.”

17. “Beverly is a lucky woman.”

18. Recreated their wedding photo after 70 years.

19. They see them rollin’, they hatin’…

20. “Today my grandparents returned to the beach they met at 70 years later.”

Which one is your favorite??



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