These 15 Foreign Dishes Have Proper Desi Touch And Taste


India is a land of different cultures that influences dressing style, language, architecture and, of course, food. Indian style cuisine has adopted variety of foods from abroad and made them their own. Some of the adopted versions become more popular than the original version of it.

Let’s check out this finger-licking fusion preparations across the country.


  1. Pink Sauce Pasta: Pink pasta sauce is the combination of white sauce and red sauce pasta. Red sauce pasta and white sauce pasta is a commonly prepared meal but adding both sauces to pasta not only enhances the taste but also looks pinkish on the plate. Desi version of Pink Pasta is quite a popular meal by now.


2. Chilli Potato: Not loving potato is a crime! Potato fries is one of the all-time favorite snacks for the foodies. How can one resist the crisp sparkly goodness of the potato strips? French fries with desi chilli tadka is more popular by the original version of it.

3. Fussily Tadka: Fussily is the short spiral pieces of pasta. India has made it its own by adding desi zing with this preparation and we are again loving it more than the actual preparation of it.


4. Veggie Manchurian: Manchurian is a fried meat ball, belonging to the Chinese cuisine. In India, we have a veggie version of it where the Manchurian balls are made with carrot, cabbage, onion, potato mash and dhaniya. Get the Veggie Manchurian balls dipped into the mixture of chilly and soy sauce and Voila, you are all good to go!


5. Gulab Jamun Cheesecake: Cheesecake is one of the most lovable sweet preparations around many countries. This preparation got desi by adding juicy gulab jamun on top in an Indian version; A sweet saga indeed.

6. Masala Coke: Masala is the “thing” of any Indian cuisine. Masala goes with almost every preparation in India and soft drink is not an exception. The taste of Coke with a pinch of black salt and few drops of lemon juice in it is a glass full of goodness.

7. Naanza: Pizza and naan are combined in Naanza composition. The Pizza base is replaced by the Naan and that’s the secret of it. Add some tandoori chicken, some sauce, sprinkling some cheese and you can also add some bell pepper slices, which is optional; set it on the top of naan base and bake … desi Naanza is ready!

8. Chili Chicken: The awesomeness of this dish needs no introduction. This Indo-Chinese version has come across a long way now. Fried chicken rolled in soya sauce along with some salt and pepper and garnished with spring onion has now got the title of Indian cuisine as well.

9. Tandoori Chicken Sushi: The name itself defines the fusion of this meal. It is the regular sushi rolled with tandoori chicken pieces in it.

10. Spinach Chops: Spinach is a blessing of nature specially for the health enthusiasts. Raw or medium cooked spinach preparation like spinach chops is a healthy and tasty choice. Spinach Chops is a vegan combination you must say. Spinach sauté with a tinge of garlic and a dribble of lemon and it’s done.

11. Noodle samosa: Regular samosa is OK and if you want to avoid potato chunks in Samosa then Noodle samosa is what you need.

11. Tandoori Momo: Tandoori is an Indian cooking style infused with this Tibetan cuisine. Have you tried it yet?

12. Hakka Noodle: With noodles, the fusion varieties go crazy. The favorite part of the Hakka noodle version is swallowing or slurping the noodle strands at one go. This is the winner among the fusion foods on this list. Noodle is an automatic choice for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food lovers.

13. Paneer Tacos: This Mexican cuisine becomes desi by adding paneer in it. Vegetarians will love this in any Mexican restaurant.

13. Waffle cone Bhel Puri: The regular twist of bhel puri in a waffle cone style holder. Desi version of tasting sweet-sour street food goodness.


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