These 10 Worldwide Famous Billionaires Were Hiding their Actual Wealth, Finally Figures are Out Now –


It’s an obvious quote that health is wealth but have you ever listen that wealth is the only health ??

Yeah , you heard it right …Today , we have brought to you the list of the most wealthy people who are hiding it from public ..

Do have a look at the countdown:

10 Isabel Dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is Africa’s richest woman valued at $3.6 Billion. She is the oldest daughter of Angola’s former president, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who stepped down in fall 2017. Forbes estimated her net worth around $500 Million in the year 2012. Last year her net worth increased to $3 Billion. Jose Eduardo dos Santos made her head of Sonangol, Angola’s state oil firm, in June 2016, but Angola’s new president removed her from that role in November 2017. According to a research by Forbes, Isabel’s father transferred to her stakes in several Angolan companies, including a telecom firm and several banks.
An investigation proved that her shares were acquired by public funds. Isabel has managed to hide her wealth or how she obtained it through various offshore companies. If she ever revealed the source of this wealth it would probably lead to some serious criminal charges .

9 Kim Jong Un

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The net worth of Kim Jong Un’s account is said to be around $5 billion. North Koreans earn an average of $1800 per year so when we compare this value , it’s the huge one. In the year 2103 , this wealth was discovered and when America and South Korea intervened in the situation , they found Kim Jong Un and his family have hidden their money by distributing it over to 200 foreign bank accounts all over the world. For obvious reasons, the famous dictator cannot risk getting his wealth exposed as it would lead to a serious conflict against him. Kim Jong Un leadership is mostly based on fear and brainwashing people. They are kept in dark throughout their lives, they have no idea what is going on in the world so it’s unlikely they’d be able to cause riots just to dethrone him.

8 Bashar Al Assad

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The king of almost 60 % of Sryrian companies Bashar is one of the most powerful man . A few years ago when the war in Syria was at its peak. America Russia France and Bashar collectively contributed to the destruction of the country trying to eradicate ISIS. His net worth is estimated to be around $1- 1.5 Billion but this is only the wealth he has shown to the world. The actual figure goes well beyond this. The reason behind this goes in the context of the calculation which is unknown and comes via different trades. But sources have put his fortune at around $120 Billion.

Most of his wealth is connected to Hong Kong and Russia where financial rules are not that harsh, add some several big companies into the equation and you’ve got a perfect formula to hide this massive amount of wealth that no one would ever know. To reduce the risk of disclosure Al Assad cannot disclose his real net worth ever .

7 Hosni Mubarak

Another Authoritarian Dictator, Hosni Mubarak amassed a vast amount of wealth worth between $40 billion and $70 billion during his 30-year rule as the president of Egypt. This wealth is comparable with other Gulf leaders but his wealth couldn’t have come from businesses or salary. As of 2007, he was earning only $808 per month. So it’s most likely that all of his wealth came from corruption. During his time in the Egyptian Air Force, he used to sign military contracts which earned him millions.
Later on, when he came into power, his sons would use his money to create huge monopolies in the country. They successfully invested most of their father’s money in big companies to wash the black money. Now their vast amount of wealth sits in foreign bank accounts and numerous offshore companies.

6 Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah

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To paint a crystal clear picture of the kind of shocking wealth we’re dealing with here, this Sultan owns over 600 Rolls-Royce vehicles and has the world’s largest private residence in the world with 1788 rooms. He is the Sultan of Brunei and most of his wealth comes from oil and gas sales all over the world. In the 90’s he was considered as the richest person in the world, estimating his net worth to be around $40 Billion.But now that has been reduced to $20 Billion. Hassanal Bolkiah doesn’t concern himself with hiding his vast amount of health despite being clear connections on him being tied to corruption. But he has a fair share of investments all over the world. He has mostly invested in real estate and acquires property like monopoly pieces. He owns several hotels, jewellery franchises and much more in America and England. His most ridiculous expense? A $21,000 haircut.

5 The House of Saud

It’s not known as Saudi Arabia for no reason. Its named after the Saud family that has ruled the country from the 18th century. The family is worth $1.4 Trillion due to the fact that most of the oil in the world is distributed by them. None the less it is extremely difficult to track their wealth as it is distributed among 15,000 family members through the national welfare program.But the Saudis are smart. They have managed to launch megaprojects that will help them create even more wealth while the people in the country get the best of facilities. The Saud family can absolutely not risk disclosing their real net worth as it’s mainly corruption money from oil sales. If the people ever got to know the truth they would likely fuel with anger and demand reforms.

4 Ratan TATA

Ratan Tata – Head of the TATA group of companies, Ratan Tata is currently valued at only $1 billion. However, this doesn’t reflect his real net worth. The TATA group runs 96 companies out of which 28 are publicly listed companies. These businesses spread in every aspect. Banking, steel, textiles, power, chemicals etc. Ratan TATA’s real wealth cannot be calculated as the companies are run by the principal company TATA sons.

Whose chief owner is not Ratan TATA but several board members who own 65% of the shares? This wealth does not in Ratan’s financial statements but if it did his net worth would be around $85 Billion making him the 3rd richest person in the whole world right next to Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. Ratan TATA is also known to give massive charities as the country he belongs to ‘India’ is still a developing country. He regularly donates to charity companies making the lives of less privileged a little easy.

3 Carlos Slim Helu

According to some sources, Slim is worth $61.2 billion making him the 6th wealthiest man in the world. This is the first time that Carlos has been out of the top five in nearly a decade. According to some sources his actual net worth could reach around $129 Billion due to the fact that he has massive control over the economy of Mexico. He owns over 200 companies.

The stock exchange of Mexico is also a noteworthy point to be shared over here. Almost 40% of the companies that are registered there are under the control of Carlos Slim Helu. Talk about some big stock exchange monopoly. Carlos has pumped his money into everything you can imagine of. Hospitals, roads, hotels, buildings, automobiles, telecommunication services, restaurants etc.

2 Vladimir Putin

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The Russian president is the world’s wealthiest and most powerful man and according to some financier estimates, is worth more than Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos combined with a value of around $200 billion. Putin’s sources of wealth are not yet known to the world but some say he has the biggest share of properties in the world. Putin also uses his political power to force the investors to sign their companies to him.However seeing as all this wealth is ill-gotten, Putin cannot reveal his exact net worth. To be on the safe side, Putin hides his money in offshore companies, foreign bank accounts, and mostly real estate.

1 Rothschild Family

With the help of his sons, the banking system soon crossed borders and today every country follows the banking system of the Rothschild Family. It’s difficult to actually calculate the real wealth of the family. The family never comes on public and keep their lives away from the drama of the world. After all with so much wealth to account for why would they?With a valuation of over $2 trillion, the Rothschild family is the wealthiest family in the world and also one of the best-kept wealth secrets. It all started in the 18th century when Mayer Amschel Rothschild started the first financial system in the form of “Banks”.



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