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The Politician Season 2 Ending Explained and Season 3 Release Date Updates: How Did this Netflix Political Saga End?


If it was even possible, the second season of The Politician is even more pulsating than the first. The adrenaline rush and ofcourse bucket loads of drama just liven up the screen.

The makers of The Politician always had a clear idea in sight. The show was going to follow the journey of Payton Hobart played by Ben Platt has he traverses five varying journeys as he stands for elections. Season 2 brings about the end of the second election and its results. Revelations galore with new facts about his senate race in New York against Dede Standish played by Judith Light. But as known, the end of Season 2 opens the gates for a Season 3. If the show is renewed for Season 3, it will live through Payton’s third election.

With the elections on full swing, Dede and Payton wait with bated breath for the results. To their hard luck, the results end in a tie between them both. Votes are recounted but to no relief. But they don’t take the usual path to decide the fate of New York. Instead of waiting for 10 days, the in-rush senators-to-be decide to leave the fate of New York to a battle of rock-paper-scissor. A best of three is decided upon.

The Results

They both behave like Tom and Jerry and prove themselves to be true to their animated form by spending oodles of time trying to win the rock-paper-scissor contest. But in reality, none of it actually matters. Dede has a private chat with her campaign manager and informs that even if she wins this time, it would be her last term. Dede has reached her fag end of campaigning and doesn’t wish to continue.

The game would be infront of the press. Dede decides to let Payton know what she plans to do prior to everything getting public. This means that again an opponent of Payton drops out of an election allowing him to win. Actually Payton did not win the contest. But when his team check the votes in the ballot box it is revealed that Payton had won with the popular vote.

Dede receives a call from Payton’s mother Georgina. Georgina wins the election to become Governor of California. But she only wants to stay in that post for a year before running for president. Georgina wants Dede to be her Vice President.

The Politician Season 2 Ending Explained


The Ending of The Politician Season 2 takes a fast forward to two years later. It seems as though the series would come to an end with Payton revealing that he no longer craves for the glory an election victory brings. His district saw a lot of big changes during his time and he wants to continue doing the same. His personal life is going well with him and Alice Charles welcoming a new baby.

But a change occurs as he goes jogging one day. Hadassah follows him and shows him to Dede on a bench. Dede reveals that Geogina has won the election but will only serve for one term. Which means Dede will be up for presidential bid in four years. Dede proposes that Payton run with her. But since Payton is under 35, Dede and Georgina have come up with a plan, to change the constitution! 

The Politician Season 3 Release Date

With Season 2 coming out at a time when all people want is to embrace content coming their way and of course the quality content that the makers of The Politician brought out, there are high chances of yet another season with another location change.

The Politican Season 3 is scheduled to release in May 2021. As of now there is no official announcement for The Politician Season 3 but we can expect one soon.



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