The Order Season 2 Ending Explained and Season 3 Release Date Updates: How Did this Netflix Supernatural Series End?


The Order Season 2 has lived upto its expectations. The show was filled to the brim with magic and ofcourse much needed drama. What makes The Order even better is that it never ceases to amaze the viewer with its mysticism. Season 2 of The Order is surely a huge hit with the masses and we do not even know where to start on why! Ofcourse this time you will have a bunch of cameos made by your favorite 90’s stars.

The show has been created by Dennis Heaton and Shelly Eriksen in collaboration with Nomadic Pictures.

Also a warning, there will be A LOT of spoiler from here onwards. Tread carefully.


In the cliffhanger that The Order Season 1 left us with, all our favorite werewolves were left with a clean slate of memory. But what we all expected was that our antagonist this season would be none other than Vera Stone. But the whole point of a good narrative is to take the audience by surprise and Season 2 surely does. No enemy camp presented to us proved to be the real threat. It wasn’t the fresh society of magicians titled the Sons of Prometheus or even the blasphemy of Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, they seemed to be the obvious options but the makers had yet another surprise in store, Praxis. The Order will face the wrath of Praxis.

What goes down in The Order Season 2?

It is a known fact that there can be no one better than Alyssa when it comes to magic. She is powerful and knowledge, not even the Hamish can live upto her standards. Season 2 emphasizes on the protection of Alyssa. She needs to be suave with her movements and rely on her brilliance to maneuver The Order as they step on untested waters. But without Alyssa to guide them, Praxis does have the upper hand.

The Order prefers to keep itself a secret and rightfully so. But Praxis is a huge contrast, they believe in being an open book. Secret Societies are mainly secret because they possess a power that not everyone has magic. The Secret Societies do not want the world to know about this but Praxis is against this mentality. They want to spread magic to every living thing. They want magic to thrive and be the ultimate power. This is their aim as they want all to be included and not to be sidelined. Praxis is always one step ahead of The Order.

The Order is a selective group and those who don’t get in aren’t very pleased. One such magician goes rogue and begins to experiment murder spells on college students. Praxis is spreading its wings and has even got their own ethics professor as part of the college, Cameron Foley. Foley is part of Praxis with an objective of hiring college students and swaying them towards their side. The Order and the Knights strive to convince him against this but in vain.

But Foley is not the leader of the clan. The honcho of Praxis is Salvador Grant. Salvador’s biggest win is Alyssa. Her manipulative skills and gift of the gab wins her over. Salvador is a skilled magician and one of the strongest. She is the one wears Alpha, that has been a mystery to many for the longest time. Salvador uses Necromancy that helps her keep a check on The Order and know their moves one step before they execute them. Salvador uses the same trick as the Knight to rob The Order and the Sons of Prometheus, a demon.

What is Salvador Upto?

One fact that is known by all is that magic when used without a sacrifice disrupts the system. This tends to get worse when the act is repeated. Noone is as lucky as the person who has Alyssa on their side. Alyssa and Salvador began to distribute magic which leads to an obvious imbalance in magical energy.

The Meeting

This does not go down well with Vera. Jack arranges a meeting between Vera and Salvador. Vera wants to put an end to Salvador’s activities even if it is at the risk of losing a few people. Salvador and Vera meet on common grounds. Salvador wants the Foris Factorum. This spell allows people to use magic without having to sacrifice. This meeting binds the two by a spell. Vera is aware that the Foris Factorum comes with its restrictions and ofcourse adverse side effects. The spell in the hands of Salvadore would mean extreme destruction. The spell that binds them together is used by Salvador to attempt killing Vera but she loses her own life in the bargain. An enraged Alyssa takes away Vera’s magic.

The Knights bring back Lilith through the portal of hell. Lilith is no longer herself but a demon.

The End of Alyssa

Midnight has yet another possession at hand, Gabrielle. Gabrielle is struggling to gain control of herself yet again. Jack is spared by Midnight after he sees Jack being more in control than any previous owners. But Midnight wants revenge from Silverback. But Jack being spared leaves Vera and Alyssa in the open. Midnight attacks Alyssa. Vera is shell shocked and unable to help. But the end is what drains us all, Alyssa is killed. The Order Season 2 ends with Jack carrying Alyssa’s lifeless body away.

The Order Season 3 Release Date

The Order Season 2 was released on the 18th of June 2020. This season opened up to reviews that appreciate every aspect of the show. Things are looking good for The Order. The series has had better response with this season than the last. Since The Order Season 2 has been a huge hit and the fact that Alyssa was killed in the last episodes builds up the anticipation for The Order Season 3. As of now there is no official announcement for The Order Season 3 but we can expect one soon. 


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