The new e-commerce that accepts cryptocurrencies!


Many people have predicted that blockchain will be sensational to the e-commerce industry. Many projects have been started and the success is promising.

If you know Shopify, you will understand and understand Shopereum very easily.

Here is a short article to tell you about this new project that will certainly enlighten many people, especially those who want to get started in e-commerce.


You have already understood the principle from the title of this article, I think. It is therefore a platform on which you can create your e-commerce store with a few mouse clicks.

The advantage of this platform is of course the possibility for everyone to pay in currencies or cryptocurrencies.

To insist on the use of cryptocurrencies, products receive a 5% discount if they are purchased in cryptocurrencies. Pretty smart, right?

Sellers can therefore create a store and sell their own products. In addition to buyers, they can purchase the products of their choice.

That is, unlike Amazon or Shopify, payment in cryptocurrency is not a browser extension or plug-in. The payment is as simple as when you want to pay with a credit card.

One can imagine how much the platform can be expected in North Africa and in some French-speaking African countries.

We had already addressed the problem in a previous article. Many Africans expect that such platforms can also be used in e-commerce.

Shopereum can certainly be a great alternative.

How is Shopereum innovative?

Innovative, the project is already innovative by wanting to bring a simple payment service in cryptocurrency to the world of e-commerce.

Payments are made via an xShop token based on the Ethereum blockchain.

What makes the difference with other platforms that have launched similar services on the market with the blockchain is the ease of use that Shopereum promises us.

By the way, although the project itself was only in its infancy, it received an excellent assessment from experts ICObench.


The Shopereum platform xShop token

We can already buy the xShop token. It is possible to buy them directly or on the platform the Coineal exchange platform. The trek is also mentioned on the Lukki platform from 4 February.

For the official launch of the project, the founders offer a 25% bonus if the purchase is made directly on the platform.

This offers another certainty when the project is valid and will be operational in August 2020.

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To follow the project closely:


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