The Most Clever And Useful “Quarantine Routines”


As the world has shifted into an unpredictable and interesting time, people have been getting very creative with their everyday routines to beat boredom. Ever since lockdowns have been put in place due to COVID-19, many individuals are stuck trying to find ways to entertain or better themselves 24/7. If you are an active Twitter user, you probably have noticed posts circling around people’s “quarantine routines.” Some are inspiring and can help others that are trying to find structure, while some are probably not taken seriously in the long run. 

“Quarantine Routines”?

A quarantine routine isn’t exactly a medical or sanitary routine for the average individual (unless you work in the medical/law enforcement field) – it’s a Twitter trend where users post about their daily schedules and to-dos during this era of social distancing. There are some posts that may help others find balance and stability, encouraging people to start and/or stay being productive. As everyone would preferably like to lean towards that lifestyle, some may find quarantine routines as a joke, which has led to the most active COVID-19 trend on Twitter

Here are some of the most noteworthy “quarantine routines” that may or may not be useful for those stuck at home.


Created by Twitter user Jessica Lindsay, this is the first example of a solid typical routine. Her schedule doesn’t consist of your typical full day, but an afternoon schedule, thanks to the Grinch! What a nice use of a witty Grinch meme as the icing of the cake. 

Another honorable mention of witty routine sharing is from Twitter user, Kevin Farzad. It’s a nice reassurance that starting at our phones for 17 hours DOES give us structure and stability. 

The winner, however, for the “most productive” quarantine routine is Twitter user, @annechilada_. Thanks to her, ‘Swimming Pools’ is already ringing in our heads. Well done, bravo.

As you read above and within the trend, most of the Tweets in that category are pop-culture/music references. Behind the jokes and references lie posts that encourage everyone discouraged by the COVID-19 lockdown or who need to maintain a structured daily schedule for themselves right now. 

According to Twitter user, @pintbasedcutie, her detailed schedule screams organizations and zen. In her post, she uplifts followers to find structure and a sense of control by scheduling your to-dos, as well as making time for yourself. Talk about inspired 100%. 

Believe it or not, her Tweet is one of the only popular Tweets involved in the trend that serves some sort of legitimate purpose. If you’re looking for an actual guide or inspiration for maintaining a balanced routine, you can either follow her advice, dig deeper into Twitter, or read more health & lifestyle magazines. 

Either way, no matter what exactly your routine is, make sure to add “drink plenty of water” onto that list. 


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