The Last Word Season 2 Release Date, Plot and Everything We Know!


The Last Word is a comedy drama which manages to tickle your funny bone as well as drop a few tears. Death is what everyone fears and moreover people fear how to face the grief and live a life sans that person. This Netflix original gives insight on how a woman becomes a professional eulogist after losing her husband. The show has been created and written by Aron Lehmann and Carlos V. Irmscher.

The Last Word Season 2 Release Date

The Last Word Season 1 premiered on Netflix on September 17th 2020. The show comprises of a total of six episodes. While there has been buzz around the audience there has been no official confirmation as to whether this German original will be renewed. If the makers decide to renew the show The Last Word Season 2 will be scheduled to release in September 2021.

The Last Word Season 2 Cast

The Last Word Season 2 will mark the return of our leading duo along with the supporting cast. The talented cast includes:

  • Enke Engelke as Karla
  • Thorsten Merten as Andreas Borowski
  • Nina Gummich
  • Johannes Zeiler
  • Juri Winkler
  • Gudrun Ritter
  • Aaron Hilmer
  • Claudia Giesler-Bading

The Last Word Season 2 Plot

After twenty five years of a thriving and glorious marriage, Karla loses her husband. Her whole world is shattered and distraught. She seeks help from any crack of light but moreover she requires closure to the sudden loss of a man she loved so dearly.

Her husbands’ death gave her an insight on how to deliver a heart touching eulogy. Her talent spreads far and wide and she becomes a professional eulogist. Her goal now is to help those families who are grieving the loss of a loved one by giving them the perfect eulogy.

Karla stumbles upon traditional rules of funerals that she disagrees with and she begins to question the whether there is a correct manner to grieve. She learns that all the answers to the impending questions are embedded within her.

The Last Word Season 2 will further dive into Karla’s journey as she tries to help other in her own chaotic way all while on a journey of self-discovery herself.

The Last Word Season 2 Trailer

The Last Word recently began streaming and as of now the makers have not officially announced a renewal of the show. As a result there has been no release of a trailer for The Last Word Season 2. The trailer will be releasing close to the release date of the show which is later next year. Watch the trailer of The Last Word Season 1 to keep the spark ignited here:


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