The ‘Joker’ Live Concert Tour With An Orchestra Is Coming


After Joker scored over $1 billion at the box office and landed 11 Oscar nominations (something that nerds can appreciate even if they don’t love the movie), it was inevitable that the film would push that money envelope even more. To that end, the film’s seizing some opportunity following the momentum of the movie’s composer, Hildur Guðnadóttir, who won the Original Music BAFTA this past weekend and a Golden Globe, with the announcement of a live music tour. Director Todd Phillips told Deadline that he’s pumped to see the continuation of what he describes as Guðnadóttir’s “haunting and immersive score” that “[bore] witness to Joaquin Phoenix’s descent into madness as Arthur.”

Guðnadóttir has also been hailed for her recent work on Chernobyl (there’s another The Hangover tie-in with Joker), and her work will now continue with a live international (full orchestra) tour beginning on April 30 in London. From there, the tour will travel the UK and other European countries. I’m speculating wildly here, but I wonder whether the orchestra will also take on the (somewhat skeevy) Joker Stairs Dance song [Gary Glitter’s “Rock ‘n’ Roll (Part 2)”]. They may not be able to pass up that opportunity. Here are more details:

The live Joker event, featuring a full orchestra, will begin at London’s Eventim Apollo on April 30 before touring the UK until July. It will also expand to European and further international locations, with dates and venues to be announced.

The London opening will be conducted by Jeff Atmajian — the conductor and orchestrator of the original soundtrack — with Dave Mahoney of concert outfit Senbla conducting the UK Tour dates. Senbla founder Ollie Rosenblatt is producing the event.

More “dates and venues to be announced” = hang tight for news on dates for a possible migration to the U.S. Naturally, such a move might be seen as controversial, but this will be a live orchestra tour, not a full-on stadium affair. Hopefully, that won’t result in additional controversy, but we’ll hang tight for more word from the Joker front as the road to Oscar weekend continues.

(Via Deadline)


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