The EU Parliament Wants to Further Regulate Crypto Assets • CryptoMode


The concept of crypto assets has been of great interest to a lot of governments. In Europe, the EU Parliament is seemingly interested in exploring this effort further, albeit it is evident that regulatory changes will be needed. 

There is ample lack of regulation when it comes to crypto assets.

Regulating the Mining of Crypto Assets in Europe?

It is not an issue unique to a certain country or continent either.

Understanding how these assets work is crucial in terms of ensuring further industry growth. 

In a surprising turn of events, the EU Parliament is looking to change things up quite a bit.

A recently released study shows how there are still some issues that need to be addressed in the near future.

Current AML-CTF regulation in Europe is, according to the paper, “behind of what is considered the current international standard for crypto assets.

As such, it is pertinent for regulators to address this situation in a proper manner.

One aspect being highlighted is the mining of Bitcoin and altcoins.

So far, that has been a largely unregulated aspect of the crypto asset industry, but it may come to change over the coming months.

More regulation in Europe can be very beneficial, as it brings more legitimacy to the industry.


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