The End Of ‘The Good Place’


The series finale of The Good Place came as all good things must come to an end. The finale split into the last two episodes.


It might have been nice to see the gang ride off into The Good Place and say happily ever after but then it would not be a Good Place episode. The series continuously tackled philosophical questions. The entire series tried to figure out what exactly makes someone a good person.

How can a person’s goodness be measured? What measurement is good enough for that person to gain access to The Good Place?

After determining those answers there is only one question left, what makes The Good Place so good?

The penultimate episode, “Patty”, followed the gang as they finally enter The Good Place. At first everything seemed so exciting; they are met with the party of their dreams and access to anything they could ever want. Chidi meets Hypatia of Alexandria, played by Friends actress, Lisa Kudrow.

This famous philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer points out a flaw to the gang: getting everything you want is only exciting for so long. Hypatia, or Patty, explains that after the excitement wears off you get bored and kind of say “so what?” 

So what do you do when people in The Good Place are not happy? The Good Place Committee bamboozles Micheal into becoming the architect of The Good Place because they could not solve this question. Micheal gathers the gang and they realize things are only good because there is an end to them.

The gang then gathers everyone and announces a new door. Anyone can walk through when they want to leave The Good Place. Once you walk through the door you will be at peace. The crowd cheers about the prospect of an end. 

After the announcement, Chidi speaks with Hypatia and thanks her for pointing out the problem. Hypatia remarks she wanted an end to The Good Place but now that she knows there is a door she might stay for a while. Maybe people don’t really want an end, only the prospect of an end. 

In the hour long series finale, the gang each complete what they want and decide to walk through the door on their own time. First, Jason decides to leave. Eleanor asks him how he knew it was time and he said he just felt calm. A calmness like the air in his lungs was the same air outside his lungs. They throw him a party and Janet walks him to the door. 

Next Tahani, having made amends with her sister and parents, feels complete and decides she is done with her time in The Good Place. However, she does not want to leave leave so she decides to be an architect. 

After, Chidi admits to Eleanor that for a long time he has felt a quietude in his soul. She is sad, scared, and doesn’t want to be alone. Chidi explains he is just going back to where he is supposed to be and none of it is bad. As Janet walks Chidi to the door Jason appears behind a tree. Jason reveals he waited over 1000 Jeremy Baremys to give Janet a necklace so she wouldn’t forget him. Jason then actually walks through the door. 

Next, Eleanor wants to walk through the door but isn’t ready. Micheal then reveals that he wants to walk through the door but can’t because he isn’t human. Eleanor goes to the judge and gets her to turn Micheal human, something he has always wanted. She explains when he dies they might have a new system in place so she can’t guarantee what will happen.

Micheal explains that he won’t know exactly what will happen but that’s what makes it special. Eleanor also helps Mindy St. Claire decide to go through the test to get into The Good Place. Afterward, Eleanor walks through the doorway. Part of the magic universe dust she turns into floats down to Earth and compels a man to do the good act of delivering a piece of mis-delivered mail to Micheal. Upon receiving the mail, an overjoyed Micheal tells the man to “take it sleazy.” 

The last two assertions of the show basically posited that the joy of life lies in its mysteries and endings provide meaning to existence. I really enjoyed the ending even though I found some issues with it. I didn’t really like how they turned into weird universe dust. It was a philosophical ending to a philosophical show.

This show helped elevate television storytelling. Creator Michael Schur took the thirty minute show and imbued it with dense philosophical ideas about existence and the universe. This show will be missed by its viewers but it surely will inspire a slew other shows with deeper meanings. 

Personally, if you find happiness in a moment, you probably don’t just want to leave and be done with it. You want to live in that moment forever. What do you guys think about the ending? Tell us in the comments below!


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